Michael Jordan Documentary Review – The Last Dance: Michael Jordan’s documentary on Netflix ‘The Last Dance’ was a huge success, but what made the greatest so great?

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Michael Jordan Documentary Review - The Last Dance

Author by: The Kick Off



  1. Jordan was a complete arsehole and that’s what it took for him to win so be it, his mind is soo focused on winning I don’t think his ever enjoyed himself

  2. “Ronaldo didn’t turn up more champions league finals” hmmmmm I don’t know about that one brian

  3. I see Jordan and Messi the same way, they’re both the undisputed greatest in their sport to anyone who truly knows the sport.

  4. The only footballer with the drive of Michael Jordan, is Cristiano Ronaldo.
    I know players in the past had that drive but I’m talking about the present time

  5. Fair play to Rory, didn’t know he had the talent to make a doc like The Last Dance 👏🏻👏🏻

  6. Lads would I’ve if you uploaded the kick off as a podcast too on Spotify, so often I go back and listen to the kick off after watching the actual game for the convos during the game, love the contact guys x

  7. American sports deserve more respect over here. Football is the better game, there's no doubt, but the way Americans cover their sports, the narratives and their analysis and commentary makes us look like amateurs.. Over here with Jamie Redknapp spewing the same exact sentences every time.

  8. Michael Jordan didn't pay his own gambling debts and his own father payed for it with his life.
    Michael Jordan was the second best basketballer there's this guy call Larry bird do some research on Larry Bird then tell me Michael Jordan's the best bhahahah and tony sopranos,? tony sopranos ? Tony soprano won't let anyone shot his father . Michael Jordan is an athlete .I can bounce a ball

  9. Yes!!! The Detroit pistons bad boys was a quality period in basketball! 🏀 laimbeer, rodman, Thomas… absolutely class shithousery 👌

  10. It's a really good story but the jumping back and forth makes it annoying to watch, a linear story would make it even better

  11. No athlete has dominated their sport like MJ did. Whilst LeBron and Kobe could maybe keep up in 1v1, no player has simultaneously combined elite scoring and winning stats

  12. People tend to neglect how important Rodman was to that team, I know Jordan always considers Pippin to be the second most important guy on the team but Rodman really allowed those two to do what they did. Rodman was INSANE on that team.

  13. Best sports documentary period is Senna about the legendary F1 driver Ayrton Senna. My only major issue with it was it's outright prejudice towards his long term rival and friend btw (most don't actually know that) Alain Prost and just portraying him as the villain. Overall Asif Kapadia is an incredible film maker. He further proved it when he made that really emotional documentary a few years later about the tragic life of Amy Winehouse called Amy.

  14. Michael Jordan had reportedly agreed to participate on The Dream Team only if Isiah was not on the squad.

    This right here is why I'll never like MJ. Denying another great talent an opportunity like the Olympics and let's be honest a guaranteed gold medal. When he was obviously a person who should of been on that team.

  15. Chicago Bulls had never won before MJ. He turned around a franchise that were in a dire situation. People forget what he did to that Bulls franchise.

  16. I fucking wish footballers were half as interesting as basketballers. Shaq and Charles Barkley (who are both top 20 all time in their sport) have proper arguement Vs each other every day whilst analysing. That's like Zidane and Gerrard getting into it on Sky Sports. And the analogy of Keane and Messi = Jordan is bang on.

  17. I think if footballers acted like how the players were in the Doc. like players like Barkley – they would be slated on this show and other shows for being to flashy

  18. Lets not forget Lebron not only bought a championship to Cleveland, he came back from 3-1 (never been done) against a record breaking team.


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