Maneater: Gameplay Tips and Tricks: Maneater Gameplay Tips and Tricks | Maneater tips we help you discover four different ways on how to collect Nutrient Rewards that help upgrade your shark. We share how and where to Caches, License Plates, Landmarks along with what you can find in breaking into secret gates depending on what level your shark is at. How to get Bounty Hunters to chase after you, how to defeat them along with the kinds of unlocks and upgrades you get to help your shark’s evolution. Apex Predators can be a challenge but in this video, we will show you some moves, upgrades, and where its best to fight them. Finally we will go over the start upgradable abilities you unlock and what Tier you should have them unlocked too for the best results in surviving the open sea. All that and more, so take a dive with us and enjoy our Maneater Gameplay Tips and Tricks video! #ManeaterTipsandTricks, #tripwireinteractive #Maneater

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Maneater: Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Author by: The War Room