makeup therapy / relaxing tutorial: watch this makeup tutorial if you’re anxious, stressed, tryna nap… you feel me. grab a cup of tea & spend 4 minutes with me. love you guys!

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makeup details:
milk makeup hydrating oil
smashbox photo finish primer
ABH translucent powder + fawn contour stick
fenty hydrating foundation + pro filtr concealer
likely makeup clown blush + fairy blush palettes
fenty wattabratt highlight
ofra cosmetics start inspired highlight (affiliate code ITSLIKELYMAKEUP for 30% off)
ofra cosmetics makeup fixer spray (affiliate code ITSLIKELYMAKEUP for 30% off)

urban decay brow finish gel + brow blade in taupe trap

huda beauty matte & melted shadows “minted & dinero” & pastel obsessions “mint” eyeshadow palette
haus labs eye-lie-ner
likely makeup sliced lashes

haus laps le monster matte lip crayon cherry red
discontinued colourpop collab gloss

makeup therapy / relaxing tutorial

Author by: itslikelymakeup



  1. this is making my quarantine really like SO much easier 😳🙈 not that i don’t go and rewatch ur old videos everyday anyway tho ❤️ hope you and your family are safe and healthy!!!

  2. Ummmm Just…WOW…GORGEOUS…I wish you could do my makeup, I love everything you do girl ❤️💚💙🧡💛💜🖤🤍🤎♥️

  3. ummmm…jordi like rules and stuff… i’m living for EVERY look she creates… definitely the bestest!!!!!!!!

  4. You are my inspiration, Jordi!💗I watching your channel near 2 years and I gonna say that when my life goes wrong I just go open your videos and that’s kind of support for me. Sometimes no one can’t give me a support but you do! I feel as your actually my soulmate in a lot of cases. You got the same type of skin as me. You got the septum as me. You are blonde and you got the same esthetic feeling as me and thats incredible! Just keep going do what you do! I love you and love everything what you do! 💗💗💗

  5. I am in the middle of a spontaneous quarantine hair dye sesh and this video popped up right as I finished dyeing. Best. Day. Ever.

  6. I'm in love with this look. And those lashes are beautimous! I wish you and your family health and happiness 🖤

  7. Gorgeous!! I'm new here. Watched a few videos and I'm in love with your makeuo!! Your awesome!! I'm kinda like you in a way in your last video where you dont like filming with your man around

  8. I can't even express how much I love this type of videos. It's stunning! You are beautiful 💙

  9. could you maybe do one of these with lighter music? my daughters and I love watching your videos, especially at a time like this. we're all autistic and the music with the heavy beat was a bit too much for us on this one, but we watched without sound and loved your video anyhow! 💛 love from Kansas.

  10. So what I needed ,your talent is so inspiring,we’re did you get the freckle pen , I try myself and it turns out like I have melanoma, xoxoxo love you girl ❤️


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