Make macOS Big Sur EXTRA Worth It (Tips!)

Make macOS Big Sur EXTRA Worth It (Tips!)

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macOS Big Sur is finally here and it’s a big enough update that Apple decided to call it macOS 11 (instead of going with macOS 10 again). Aside from the face lift, there are a lot of fun new features and customizations you might not realize are hiding in plain sight and in this video I’ll give you some macOS Big Sur tips to help you get the most out of this awesome OS experience!

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0:00 – Hey it’s Chris!
0:50 – Use the new Control Center
1:47 – Auto enhance voice recorgings
2:49 – Customize Safari’s “new tab” page
5:02 – Right click to change widget sizes
6:07 – Show battery percentage icon in Menu Bar
8:12 – Automatic AirPods switching
9:35 – Pin important messages
10:22 – Deliver notifications quietly (like iOS)
11:35 – FINALLY! 4K YouTube in Safari
12:32 – M1 optimizations for Big Sur

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