MacBook Air (2020) – Unboxing & Review!: MacBook Air (2020) – Unboxing & Review! | 2020 MacBook Air Base Model Review & Comparison to 2019 MacBook Pro/Air

Today we unbox & review the brand new 2020 MacBook Air! This is the base model with the 10th gen Intel i3 processor, which comes in at a great price of $999.

In this video, we cover the 2020 Macbook Air gaming, specs, configurations, CPU/GPU performance, and whether or not you should buy one.

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1:30 Design/Build Quality
3:37 Setup Process
4:24 Display
4:37 Performance
5:02 i3 = faster than 2019 i5
6:06 GPU/Gaming
6:51 Memory
7:22 Storage/Pricing
8:08 Conclusion

What do you think of the 2020 MacBook Air? Will you be getting one, or do you prefer the MacBook Pro?

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MacBook Air (2020) - Unboxing & Review!

Author by: Brandon Butch



  1. In your opinion, is it better to buy an iPad Pro 2020 or the macbook air 2020 with i5 processor? I have never had a macbook or an ipad pro. Let's say that I have to buy a notebook for home use, I use it for the internet, download music, send emails, create documents and read pdf, I see films and videos here we say that we do not I have to work or edit videos and edit music, at most every now and then I will install some games to have some fun, let's say. But at the same time I was also thinking about buying an Ipad Pro here, I am undecided and would like some advice. Mostly I would like to make a purchase that would last me even over time since I am not a user who changes his products very often, both in terms of yield and performance.

  2. I’ve never owned a laptop before and was wondering what is best to get. I’m not going to be gaming on it. At most I’ll be watching Netflix and making slideshows for work and backing up my iPhone. Still unsure what to get. There’s a few options and I’ve heard the MacBook Pro is more reliable but if if the Air is good too then I’m not sure. And there’s also the new iPad Pro and the new keyboard coming it in May.

  3. Nah an i3 is reasonable, considering that it has iris plus graphics, I personally would take the i3 over the i5

    EDIT: then I realized the i5 is just 100 dollars more lol.. now that’s a harder choice lol

  4. Someone can help me with this choice?. I recently bought mbp 13 base model and i have a 30 day warranty. I am thknking if I should change for this new macbook air. I would have 16 gb ram instead of 8 and 256 instead of 128 with the same price. But if the performance its gong to be lower…
    I edit photos and videos in a amateur way, but may be the macbook air screen is good enought and the 16 gb DDR4 of ram plus de 128gb more is worthly although the proccessor would be y series instead of u

  5. I like this MacBook Air but I’m waiting for and update of the MacBook Pros bc I want the 13 inch one with updated internals and keyboard, I want to buy a MacBook that will be with me for some years

  6. the student discount only applies to the i3 model? or can I get the i5 and get $100 discount to make it $999 for me?

  7. Jeez so many great MacAir reviews and this 6 months after I finally upgraded my MacPro to the 2019 16” from my 2016
    Looking forward to your compare between the two Brandon!

  8. i was planning to buy macbook air 2019 this year but then macbook air 2020 just came out of no where so i’m like “this gonn save lots of money yowwww.” so i’m here watching all the reviews as much as i can. thank you for a good review 😭😭😭 u saved my life sirrrrrrrr

  9. How does i3 perform on day to day tasks like safari, chrome, word documents, content consumtion. Does it hold up in long run ( like 3 year time frame )
    i5 one is really expensive in my country here.

  10. This is want I need. I am getting a MacBook. But I don’t know if I should get the Air or Pro? What would do be best this year? What’s the difference between the Air or Pro? This video definitely helpful. Can’t wait for upcoming vid. EDIT: Also would it be better to just get 256gb or 128gb? I’ve been trying to figure it out. I plan to use the laptop to maybe play games, am a student planning to do work also for calls.

  11. Hi, I have an iPad Pro 2018 and I feel I need more to be more beneficial in my studies and I also want to game at the same time.. any suggestions desktops laptops any of them either Apple devices or windows I just feel lost since there is too many choices! Can anyone help.

  12. I ordered i7.Should get here by Friday if you guys are curious about those benchmarks I'll be unboxing and testing.

  13. We don’t need unboxing emphasis for products this old. Give us the upgrades. That’s all anyone really cares about.

  14. I am going to attend college in Fall of 2020 (if the Coronavirus doesn’t stop me) but I was wondering what you would recommend for someone who wants to game (Minecraft and Factorio) but also will use the Mac for school work. Thanks for the recommendation!


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