Macbook Air 2020 review: the best Mac for most people: Apple’s 2020 MacBook Air comes with the new scissor-switch keyboard the company introduced in the 16-inch MacBook Pro, and the processors have been upgraded to Intel’s new 10th-generation parts. Apple’s also lowered the price by $100, with the new MacBook Air now starting at $999. Nilay Patel has the full review.

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Macbook Air 2020 review: the best Mac for most people

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  1. I'm split – I don't feel like Apple (or any company for that matter) should be knocked for how terribly inefficient Google Chrome is. I get that everyone uses it (myself included) but a product's various metrics should be compared against a daily usage that reflects stuff that they can actually control. If Google Chrome all of a sudden got 10x more efficient, we wouldn't be saying "Wow, look at how well the battery life on Apple's laptops are!" Why would it be the other way around? Inb4: the majority of people do use Chrome but it's inefficiency isn't an Apple issue – it's consistent across Mac, Windows, and Linux so Apple working with Google to improve the efficiency of the Chrome browser is unlikely to happen and/or realistic

  2. Hallo The Verge, i realized there's no CC/Subtitle here. not as usual u always put on the other video. would u please input the cc/subtitle if u don't mind? it help me better, even the deaf can understand what u said. thanksss, sincerely your lovely subscriber LoL

  3. Great job thanks! I'm wondering what apple will do with the iPad Pro with iPadOS 14 release.. more multitasking..? Not sure they really want to cannibalise the MacBook Air.

  4. 06:15
    : As with every Apple product, there is a gap between the results you get if you live entirely within Apple's ecosystem and reality.
    So, true.

  5. I'm thinking of getting the Macbook AIr (2020) with 512GB storage and 16GB RAM but the performance of the 13inch Pro seems better for what i do on my current device. Any advice as spending a bit more to get the best value and use for programming and networking stuff.

  6. Why are you recommending the $1200 version? CPU upgrade on a heat-constrained design is just foolish. Everyone should buy the $1000 version… and if they need more, get the Pro. “If you need a lot of performance all the time…” then you’re not shopping for an Air. 🙄

  7. I hate we’re in this state of making verge review videos at home but…. this is really done and everyone behind the production should be very proud since it embodies the spirit and quality of the best Verge review videos

  8. I wonder if this is good for podcast producing and recording. I have my own microphone but I am going to need a dongle for this.

  9. what's so great about chrome? I stopped using it years ago and switched to Opera – it's great, I never looked back, why is Chrome a fact of life??

  10. Just note, the fan on this MacBook Air is not physically connected to the CPU, it's just for "ventilation", whatever that means

  11. The touchbar is nice, but I would much rather have the physical buttons, specially for a programmer, which uses the F keys a lot

  12. Nooo dude wth? Changing brightness with touch bar?? EFFORTLESS.
    Swipe and boom! Becca knows where the party’s at.


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