LEGENDARY DEMON HUNTER DRAGON!! Tons More Crazy Cards! | Outland Review #9 | Hearthstone: A bunch more Ashes of Outland cards have been revealed! Here are my detailed thoughts and star ratings for each new card.

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Card Review | Hearthstone | Ashes of Outland Card Review #9

LEGENDARY DEMON HUNTER DRAGON!! Tons More Crazy Cards! | Outland Review #9 | Hearthstone

Author by: RegisKillbin



  1. Keli’Dan is a big yikes from me. It’s such a feel bad card if it’s in your deck and you draw it before you have the mana to play it you’re upset about it and if you’re playing against a Warlock and they draw it on turn 6 while you’re ahead on board it would be so infuriating.

  2. finally spell druid teased in dalaran heist gets good support. Hopefully it works well no that mulch muncher is gone and tree druid lost some of its power.

  3. The real question here is will these new legendary cards be disenchantable since i don't care about them ?

  4. The kelidan is probably designed for plot twist warlock. But the real issue for control warlock is the lacking of good demons like 939.

  5. It's intriguing to me how many people HATE Tracking but LOVE Sightless Watcher. Let's talk about this.

    My two hesitations with Sightless Watcher are these:

    1. It's not immediate. There are no "outs" with it compared to Tracking. You can't dig for that immediate removal or burst damage. You have to either wait, or support it with card draw. If you DO support it with card draw, you're basically replacing two cards in hand with a choice of 3 cards, in the end trading 2 cards for a better card with a 2+ mana tax along the way. With Tracking, you're replacing one card in hand for a choice of 3, trading 1 card for a better card, and you're doing it with a cap of a 1-mana tax. This argument presumes the 3/2 minion isn't all that valuable, which I don't think it will be in "out" scenarios in the mid- to late-game. So Tracking is cheaper, faster, offers more total resources and choices.
    2. When considering Watcher for on curve tempo plays, you're sacrificing a good play now for a potential better play later. Why not just make a better play now instead of taking a chance at a better play later, especially in a class that seems like it's going to be so aggressive and focused on playing from ahead. On turn 2, you're also still likely to have a lot of on-curve plays and options anyway, so the need to "fix your curve" should be less dire. This is why Tracking is rarer in hyper aggro decks that need consistency in early pressure above all else, but prominent in decks that are digging for specific powerful cards. I think you'll see the same with Sightless Watcher, despite the body mitigating some of this risk.

    Interesting thought experiment: isn't a card like Questing Adventurer just way better than Sightless Watcher? It results in 1 extra choice for your next draw instead of 2 extra choices, but you also get the additional card in hand! Obviously we won't be playing Questing in Demon Hunter, but it showcases how I think some of the hyperbole around Watcher has gone a little crazy.

    This also does eschew some Outcat keyword consideration, but I think #1: Outcast will be a limited portion of your deck, so only seen a fraction of the time, and #2: Outcast won't be materially hard to activate ANYWAY, so the bonus here is not especially valuable.

    So essentially, I don't think it has as much general utility as most. I think it's certainly playable as my score suggests, but will only make the cut sometimes.

  6. Have to disagree on the sightless watcher review. For me its an auto include in every demon hunter deck. Its a 3/2 body for 2 mana which is ok and has a better tracking included, because you dont discard the the other cards that you didnt choose. A small tutor like this have always been very powerfull in HS and for me its an easy 5 star card!

  7. Think you are underestimating watcher. Decently stated and the ability to know your next three draws, and the ability to choose which card to draw next is more of a 4 star card. Wish this was an outcast card with the ability to draw that card. Then this would be 5 star.

  8. I feel like Inner Demon is like a cheaper Pyroblast with the downside of you having to use your hero for it. Also, together with the blades that let's you attack minions multiple times/the swipe blade, it creates some pretty nuts removal

  9. Nethrandamus not being a demon is actually an upside. It won't accidentally hit the field from the recruit demon and fel summoner.
    Scrapyard colossus going to make waves in wild. N'zoth bringing back a board of those is pretty dope. Decent in rez priest, too.
    Replicat-o-tron seems like it was designed for paladin (turn silver hand into a 3/3 mech) but seems decent in warlock as you can power up lackeys, imps, or treachery it to chew out your opponent's big, sticky minions.

  10. A ton of high cost taunts to save yourself in the late game. But i would like to see a 2-3 mana taunt to prevent token decks to snowball.

  11. Watcher is going to go in every single deck. Aggressive stated for aggressive deck and a good early pkay from mid range and controll

  12. I really, REALLY hate Keli'dan design.
    So MUCH luck based, if you draw him too early you can forget his biggest effect.


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