Learning to Make Numberblock 8 (Fan Made Numberblocks) – Paper Crafts Tutorial/App Demo: Another project from Appysmarts!

Make Numberblock 8 figure for home or classroom use.

What you need:
– 4 sheets of construction paper (we managed to fit 2 cubes on one sheet – save the trees!
– scissors, glue
– iPad with Foldify app https://www.appysmarts.com/application/foldify-create-print-fold,id_40296.php (not required, will make the design process faster)
– printer
– Ozobot is optional 😉

Design 8 pink cubes. Add eyes and mouth. You can paint them on in Foldify or design them in a program like Photoshop and import to Foldify as a sticker. As our painting skills are not great, we chose te latter…

Print the projects out and cut out the elements. Score the flaps, fold them and glue (we glued flaps in pairs and let them dry off before gluing another pair.

And again, we used our poor Ozobot who helped us to assemble the cubes.

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Learning to Make Numberblock 8 (Fan Made Numberblocks) - Paper Crafts Tutorial/App Demo

Author by: Appysmarts