Land Rover Defender 2020 review | New Defender 110 SUV first drive | Autocar: It’s finally here. The new 2020 Land Rover Defender has arrived, replacing a car that could trace its roots back to the very 1948 birth of Land Rover.

Land Rover doesn’t like to call the Defender an SUV – insisting it is a true 4×4 – but the new car can be had in either short-wheelbase 90 or long-wheelbase 110 form, as tested here.

It comes in a variety of forms. We’ve driven the 2.0 diesel D240, a 237bhp diesel with a 0-60mph time of 8.7seconds and a top speed of 117mph. Then there’s the P400, a V6 petrol engine with a 0-60mph time of 5.8sec and a 119mph top speed.

Prices, in the UK, start at around £45,000, but it’s possible to spec a Defender up to six figures. The cars you see here (driven before the Coronavirus outbreak took hold internationally), were pretty heftily specced, at around £65k for the D240 and £80k+ for the P400.

When it goes on sale, the Land Rover Defender will face competition from all kinds of vehicles, from the Jeep Wrangler to the Ford Ranger Raptor to the Toyota Land Cruiser and more. Here’s what it’s like, driven over vast distances albeit all off-road…

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Land Rover Defender 2020 review | New Defender 110 SUV first drive | Autocar

Author by: Autocar



  1. watched this on autocar then topgear then autotrader then caradvice and autoexpress. corona days. stay at home.

  2. I dont like it. This is going to be like when bmw made the new mini, completely missing the point but still a decent seller.

  3. Next time please active your Image stability on your handheld recorder….

    Not very professional camera work imo but thanks for the stats.

  4. People bought the defender, out of utility or passion/desire at a certain price point. This one checks none of those boxes. Sure people will cross shop this with other SUVs, but it has become just another SUV. For everyday use there are better options. With taxes becoming a factor SUVs with decent real electric range like the x5 45e will be where the market is heading… I can't believe they sacrificed their niche, I hope it works out for them because overall they are a cool brand

  5. To me this is more of a modern version of the original Range Rover and I think it looks superb, hope it sells well, although I don't understand all this 400hp malarkey, we don't need 400hp for off road driving. Unless the Jeep Wrangler is highly modified its just a toy. Its apity there's not a more basic LR Defender type vehicle for the farmers and utilities.

  6. It’s a very nice vehicle, but ultimately not as tough or versatile as the original Defender. But that was a bare bones, primitive if lovable vehicle, that couldn’t be repeated in our day and age.

  7. The Big failing of this car is its Technology its all good when its new But it will go wrong at some point I have seen Defender in war situations and a lot of the repairs were carried out at the side of the road with a basic too kit  this one is to complicated by far Its not a workhorse If I was in the market to change my Defender I would purchase a Hilux Just look at the Aid Agency's they all use Toyota and I don't think they will buy this car JLR has turned its back on the world it lead and started    I would not like to think what it would cost to repair a rear LED on this car  my rear light bub costs around £2.50 how much will this one cost when it goes off

  8. It might be a very good car but its not a Defender Its a replacement for Discovery I call this the Pretender

  9. No. Too complicated, too dependent on electronics and fragile underpinnings that will break. And the price…. I foresee a rising market for classic Defenders, cos thats all anyone seeking a working vehicle really wants.

  10. I think they've really missed a trick not making it more of a throwback to the old defender. If they did what VW did with the Beetle reissue, vis-a-vis the retro styling approach, I think they would shift more units. The Mk1 Defender is a classic design (in the tru sense), after all.

  11. This should be the Disco and the Defender should have retained its previous shell and updated evrything else just like the G Wagon. As it is, I think the new Defender will be the death of the Discovery, which is a dreadful looking car anyway.

  12. Work vehicle for all that money. !!!! I dint think so mate, Hilux or ranger every time! Weird!

  13. Love the white steelies. I'd have those ANY day of the week over alloys. Pure utilitarianism. The base ethos of the original Defender.

  14. Land Rover could have kept the design a bit old school like the G-Wagon. This design doesn't justifies its price tag.

  15. This is one of the better reviews. I had a Defender 110 heritage edition and am a bit biased but I also have some concerns about the new Defender. I drive a Land cruiser 200 at the moment.

    From my point of view this review was not a commercial and also gave insight in the weaker points of the car. I was especially disappointed by the lack of flex and but against that I found that there are a ton of design elements that do the old defender absolutely justice.

    I don't see though how the new defender is almost at the same price point as a Toyota land cruiser. I feel it should be more affordable.

  16. this guy is more stiff than the rover he's "reviewing"…. shove a lump of charcoal up his ass and you'll get a diamond out of him….. Oy…. stiffy…. how about putting some enthusiasm in it ey???

  17. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this is going to be the biggest flop JLR have done to date. I’m not going to talk about the fact it looks fat and the body depth ratio is too deep, or it looks like the love child of a Skoda Yeti. It’s the fact that whilst they may have added a few defender accents they somehow managed to loose the character of the original defender. The character of the defender was that it was modular which it has now lost. Mercedes got it right with the g wagon, jeep got it right, even Suzuki got it bang on with the Jimny, yes as a result all those cars lost something in road manners (or the wind tunnel), but they retained the character. I know JLR’s excuse is they needed to bring the car up to modern standards, so why did they put a diesel combustion engine in it! It’s neither cutting edge electric or old school charm. And the price! I don’t don’t know any farmers that will be buying this.

  18. Lol,this is no way off-road driving,just over landing! I doubt if it would complete even the Rubicon trail! Old land rovers like the discovery 1 and 2 and even old defenders cummin swap have completed it ! New land rovers are for mall lovers! And honestly the place where this new defender is being driven can also be completed with a Subaru forester! Also subarus are better than new land rovers ! Land rovers are just a waste of money ! Old ones are good!

  19. It’s a great review, you don’t just show the nice things but also what you don’t like. Journalists and youtuber tend nowdays to hype and promote the cars rather that make a proper pro/cons review. Well done!

  20. What is the cost of repairing/replacing the air suspensions once they break outside of warrenty?


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