Knee Anatomy Animated Tutorial: In this episode of eOrthoodTV, orthopaedic surgeon Randale Sechrest, MD narrates an animated tutorial on the anatomy of the knee.

Knee Anatomy Animated Tutorial

Author by: Randale Sechrest



  1. Thank you sir, your video was so clear, the knee joint was a pain in the class the professor made it so at the end we were very confused.

  2. My knee shift to the left when am working it all most touched my lelf knee……the anterior, cruciate, ligament (a.c.l)

  3. There’s just no way that this was created by random evolution, this is obviously design, and then after the original design some adaptation and evolution can take place .

  4. Just saying Lunges are the most healthy exercise for legs ever. Streches the hipflexor and really helps. Also hip thrusts are also good for the knees. In short do lunges and hip thrusts for healthy knees

  5. Great, concise video!! After going to the doctor when I had my knee injured, he said I had a stretched ligament. My knees wobble from side to side when I put on weight on the knee. Would this be one of the symptoms?

  6. Wonderful! Thank you so much. I'm doing a yoga teacher training and this video has really helped me to understand the anatomy of the knee, even when my textbooks have left me confused!

  7. Good info the best info that ive had was with the Freds Elbow Helper (i found it on google) – I found it themost useful resource that I have ever seen.


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