Kia Seltos Vs Tata Harrier – See which SUV is better? (Hindi review): The updated Tata Harrier comes with an updated 170bhp engine and an automatic gearbox. The Kia Seltos has been around for sometime now and is a big hit with SUV buyers. Which one has the advantage? Here is my Hindi video.

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Kia Seltos Vs Tata Harrier - See which SUV is better? (Hindi review)

Author by: Ashish Masih Cars



  1. I LOVED ur spcial message at the start.

  2. You should not be doing comparison videos cause definitely the audience will go for the winner. Here in this case harrier is having more power, larger dimensions and better drivability but still looses the game for some digital smart technologies which is not acceptable.
    P.S.- I'm a huge Asish Masih and Tata fan!

  3. Ashish sir I am about to take a suv car because for the last 10 years I have been driving a sedan, till now I was convinced that I am going to buy the harrier as you gave the detailed review but after this video comparison I am confused which to take.Help me by suggesting which one to buy as I am a keen lover of features but at the same time I want a proper SUV.Thanks in advance

  4. East or West Tata harrier is best why this reviewers don't understand Hyundai is doing business from last 22 years in India they don't open a single hospital for Indian people or donate any money in natural disasters in other way Tata do so many things for Indian society . So jai ho Tata ki
    Jai jawan jai kishan
    Bharat mata ki jai
    Anyone who appreciate my comment give a thumbs up

  5. The question is why to buy harrier if it is more costly, more maintenance and most important poor service

  6. Last episode of harrier you said no body roll, good in drive , nice control in steering compair to other cars You please look at your own videos then do the reviews Please donโ€™t give the multiples opinions on the same cars

  7. I think Ashish Masih is a big fan of kia seltos because..when you reviewed first time this car in Goa you were fell in love with this car

  8. uss hisab se toh meri ciaz bhi powerful xuv 500 mein maan lo kya. kyunki vo ek sedan hai xuv 500 suv hai sedan toh halki hoti hai na suv se what the hell & one thing harrier is more powerful than this trash Chinese product it is based on discovery 8 platform the refinement is also gud now seltos can't compete with harrier in terns of engine & ride quality

  9. What about looks..
    Whenever I see harrier on road it look appealing but I kinda doesn't feel kia is new brand it looks like an ordinary car but it has good alloy wheels.

  10. Problem is that you want to drive a suv but wants your driving like a hatchback.what is suvish in seltos ,just a boxy design


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