Is Overwatch Worth Playing in 2020? – Multiplayer Review: 2019 was big Year for Overwatch, but with an underwhelming swell of content from Blizzcon marking 2020 to perhaps be a gap year before the release of the sequel Overwatch 2, we re-evaluate the state of the game in this multiplayer review. There will be less new content next year for sure, but the state of the game is perhaps in its best state in LONG time despite a lack of new content coming soon. The features have had compounded value to the gameplay loop, with less new heroes dropping, the balance looks to be the most stable and reasonable state in a about year (Overwatch is a shooter again!) and with no or less new elements to cause complications, the balance is set to remain in a strong spot. Between that, and hopeful looks to the sequel that could potentially drop in 2020, or at the latest, 2021, the game is likely turning into it’s stride where it’s best quality experiences are ahead of it, not behind it like many feeling nostolgic might feel. Many for that at launch, half the cast were so weak they were almost unplayable, there wasn’t a rank mode at all or it barely functioned at times (coin flip etc), no role queue, no endorsements, no game browser, no while you wait, no workshop… Overwatch is a much better product in 2020 that it’s ever been. If you enjoyed the video please be sure to leave it a like and don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell icon to actually get notified when our videos go live.


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Is Overwatch Worth Playing in 2020? - Multiplayer Review

Author by: Your Overwatch