Iron Banner Ritual Bow: Point of The Stag Review: Point of the stag review, Destiny 2’s new Iron Banner Ritual weapon is here. Let’s take a look at how good it is!

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Iron Banner Ritual Bow: Point of The Stag Review

Author by: Mtashed



  1. The most unfortunate thing about Point of the Stag is that it wasn't released last season when there were actual artifact mods for bows

  2. The problem here is I want to be a “bow guy” if you will. I have a great Spiteful Fang with explosive head and snapshot sights with a draw time masterwork. Being a hunter, Oathkeeper is a nice exotic. Even with that draw time masterwork bringing it down , I’m dead before I can generally land a second arrow.

    I just hope Bungie reworks bows sort of like they did with swords a little to be more competitive rather than just a novelty.

  3. I'm not hating on this dude I swear.. but why would review a bow if u dont like bows at all? I understand content is content but if the first few sentences out of your mouth are something along the line of your opinion on bows..let someone else review it

  4. Personally I find bows very underrated and thus why most players understimate their plays when going against them. I've been using a bow (SC + TLW) for survival and have found out that it's pretty effective, specially at controlling your opponents, it really can be annoying trying to peak and out of nowhere your shields are gone because an almost silent arrow took them off, plus, since it's a primary you can just spam arrows and keep "breaking" your opponents shields to scare them from pushing/peaking which can be huge for your team. Also, am I the only one that feels the magnetism is nuts on bows? I never ADS and almost every time my arrows will land on my target even if my aim is off.

  5. Actually, yes, I did notice that you were not using the bow. Do you know why? Because you inpected the quest in the middle of a game while using a bow, ergo, you are not using the bow that is the reward for the quest you just inspected. Get exposed. Jk. Love the vids. Keep up the good work. Ok bye.

  6. Bows are for the l33t, not for Mtashes. This bow is King of peek shooting and evaporates supers. Pair with Oathkeepers and a sidearm.

  7. does bungie have a grudge against kinetic bows? i'm tired of these things almost always being in the energy slot smh

  8. I really FUCKING hate Iron Banner more than ever. I’ve tolerated these quest crap, but the fact that I have to complete it in order to turn in my tokens is just is so stupid. When will Bungie fucking learn that no one likes these quest you have to do. Not a lot of us have all the time in the world to invest in this game. I’ll be watching Destiny 2 content creators because I enjoy them, but as of now, I’m done playing Destiny.

  9. One, the bow will have its moment one year but definitely not anytime soon
    Two, I could easily tell that now apart since I actually use bows.
    Three, there are very few bow loadouts that are skill based which dominate really hard. But they are scary only in the hands of people who master it. I'm quite sure theres not one YouTuber that has reviewed a certain loadout that I use quite often. But theres a skill gap surprisingly. It's hilarious as a team player and can only get countered by hunter dodges or antaeus wards. The only real problem as you say now, is the new meta and the autorifle meta. The loadout I use still competes, but its much harder with the excessive flinch.

  10. I guess legendary bows aren't unique at all. Couldn't tell the difference, they all really play the same.

  11. What about the exotic bows, are they also average? Specifically the ghoulish causing double kills and the true sight bow?

  12. My clan leader would beg to differ on bows not being good, she uses wishender whenever she gets the chance otherwise it’s a legendary bow when she can’t

  13. Bows are amazing weapons on console. If you play smart you can definitely pop off with any bow. Don’t peak sniper lanes and why would you double peak? A bow shouldn’t be a go to. Use another weapon as a clean up.

  14. All this season ive been using The Vow + Last Word. TLW 2 taps. Im honestly addicted. KD has risen dramatically. Im anxious to pair the stag with TLW. Bruh, maybe dont use it the stag in IB lol

  15. Yeah, uh, gonna have to disagree with you on the "bows are average" there, Mtashed. Not only are they one of, if not the most, skill-expressive weapons in Destiny, they offer the most versatility in various scenarios.

    Once you put the time and effort into mastering bows and the subtleties that accompany using them, I believe you'll understand the power hidden within them.

  16. Remember, this is what we expect in the future once all the old stuff becomes irrelevant and gets scraped (due to lack of vault space).

  17. 😏Bows arent good. I havent used a shotgun in months n always out kill everyone in the lobby with a bow + handcannon 🤪 bow handcannon the most broken shit in the game. Change my mind 🤭


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