iPhone 12 Pro Max — MEGA Review!

iPhone 12 Pro Max — MEGA Review!

iPhone 12 Pro Max — Should you buy? Get CuriosityStream AND Nebula for less than $15/y (26% off!)

Take the iPhone 12 Pro, make the screen bigger — more than ever before — and make the cameras better — in ways Apple has simply never done before — and you have the iPhone 12 Pro Max. A hybrid of the previous two Max models, where there was no difference other than size, and the old Plus models, where the bigger phones also had slightly better cameras.

And it’s like, switching from a car to a jeep or an SUV. One that’s… a lot to handle and park around town, but is also absolutely and exactly what you want when going off-roading or on long trips. When you gotta just work. Less a phone and more a tiny tablet, a primary computing device that you can do almost anything on from almost anywhere you need to.

But… should that enough to make the iPhone 12 Pro Max your go-to?


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0:00 – Intro
0:13 – iPhone 12 Pro Max Basics
0:45 – iPhone 12 Pro Max Pricing
2:51 – iPhone 12 Pro Max Size
3:26 – iPhone 12 Pro Max vs. Previous Plus & Max Models
4:30 – iPhone 12 Pro Max Pocket Tests
4:46 – iPhone 12 Pro Max One-Handed Test
5:08 – iPhone 12 Pro Max Interface Comparisons
6:05 – iPhone 12 Pro Max vs. iPad mini
6:45 – iPhone 12 Pro Max Picture-in-Picture Comparison
7:16 – iPhone 12 Pro Max Cameras
8:16 – iPhone 12 Pro Max Ultra Wide Camera
8:45 – iPhone 12 Pro Max LiDAR
9:19 – iPhone 12 Pro Max Wide Camera
10:25 – iPhone 12 Pro Max Telephoto Camera
11:31 – iPhone 12 Pro Max Video
13:41 – iPhone 12 Pro Max Performance (A14)
15:41 – iPhone 12 Pro Max Battery
17:17 – iPhone 12 Pro Max Charging
18:05 – iPhone 12 Pro Max — Should You Upgrade
19:02 – iPhone 12 Pro Max — What I’m Getting


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