iPhone 12 Mini Review | Forget the SE 2020

iPhone 12 Mini Review | Forget the SE 2020

Reviewing Apple’s iPhone 12 Mini, one of the best – okay, only – compact smartphones of 2020. I’ve been testing this dinky handset’s camera tech, battery life, gaming chops and other bits, comparing it vs the iPhone SE 2020. So here’s my final iPhone 12 Mini verdict, and check out my review of the original Apple flagship handset.

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You get the same camera setup here on this dinky blower, and in my tests I once again captured great looking photos and video with minimal effort. Likewise, that A14 chipset offers premium performance for games and everything else. Battery life is an improvement here versus the SE 2020 as well, giving a full day of use as long as you don’t go nuts.

The iPhone 12 Mini is a bit too small for enjoying movies however, a problem compounded by that oversized notch. You’ll be squinting up a storm trying to get through a full film. And while iOS is improving, I still found my apps were troublesome at times, refusing to operate properly in the background or simply freezing up.

So that’s my review but have you been using the new compact iPhone? Let me know what you think below!

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