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Back in 2018, Apple didn’t just do what they’ve usually done with new iPads — make them thinner, lighter, and faster. Well, yes, of course they did, but they also did something more. They made them modern, with smaller bezels, Face ID, and a new, magnetic, capacitive Apple Pencil.

Like with the iPhone X, it was a once-in-a-decade revolution. So, now, some 18 months later, we’re back to evolution — a wider processor, a second, wider camera, an intriguing new LiDAR scanner, and, coming this May, a full-on new laptop mode thanks to a new, scissor-switch and trackpad powered Magic Keyboard.

So, how far has it come in 2020?

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iPad Pro (2020) Review

Author by: Rene Ritchie



  1. I'll do you one better: Why's a computer?! (Kidding!) What Apple's done here is take the concept of the post-modern mainstream computing appliance (iPad) and retro-fitted it with the trappings of tradition pointer-based computer that nerds like myself have been twitching for. It still needs some software to go with that (Xcode, Final Cut, Logic, etc.) but the hardware and interaction models are now fully formed.

  2. Might wanna fact check this, but Marques Brownlee also recently released a similar iPad Pro review displaying an audio mic test; but one that ran throughout most of the review. Interestingly enough, his audio is much fuller, clearer and louder overall compared to yours. Interesting to see how different uses of the mic audio convey such contrasting results…

  3. As usual, a great and complete review. This is one of the few channels where it feels that the reviewer is not biased, and remains objective and open to new ideas, but also willing to criticize. Thank you!

  4. Agree for the most part except for the LED screens and 5G

    Samsung managed to get an LED screen in their tablet albeit at 60hz. See no reason why apple couldn't do it as well.

    If it is that I'm buying an iPad every 3-4 years, 5G will be more mainstream in a year or 2 then this tablet becomes outdated because it doesn't have 5G. If it is that Apple really wants to future proof the iPad then it probably should include 5G.

  5. I must say out of all the reviewers I watch, you speak with such a high level of intelligence. Not that nobody else is smart, but when you speak, it's almost philosophical lol.

  6. I can count on my hand how many pictures i've taken with my iPad. I don't think it was worth upgrading to this from the 2018. Still nice tho. The Lidar, is cool tho. I will however want the keyboard.

  7. I’m excited for what kinds of apps LiDAR can bring to life. And I think it’s a great hardware to be used on AirGlasses. It wouldn’t make people uncomfortable about their privacy since it doesn’t capture an IMAGE. It captures 3D mapping. With a few LiDAR’s on a Glass, they cloud do A LOT with AR. Excited for the future

  8. I would like to use the iPad Pro as my only device connected to a dock and an external display. I don’t want to mirror the iPad Pro. I want to be able to put the main screen of the iPad Pro on the external monitor and use the iPad as a secondary screen. I hope I’m explaining this correctly. I can’t find anything about the setup I’m trying. Thanks

  9. at 4:40, you say the A10x is the is the processor in the current ipad Air and ipad Mini. That's incorrect. Those both run the A12. The only things with an A10X are the second gen ipad pros, I'm pretty sure.

  10. 6:05 what!!! you've got to be kidding. obstruct my view with that big ass ipad, you'll be kissing the five finger god

  11. I’ve been using iPad Pro 2017 for about 2 years. I use procreate a lot, and before they updated the IOS a few months ago, battery life was so much better. It used to survive for 10 hours, but since the update, not even 3 hours!!! So It’s been killing me. I hope it’s not the case with this?

  12. People will be lucky if they can pay their rent next month but yet Apple wants you to spend $1,600 on a well-equipped fanboy tablet good luck with that

  13. I generally like the smaller iPads, started with the iPad mini, now using a 2017 iPad Pro 10.5 (not great). Looking to upgrade but thinking I may want to bump up to the larger screen because my eyes just gave up this year. I want to stay mobile, but still get the most out of the iPad. Main use will be associated with real estate investing, requiring photo editing, video editing for real estate. Any thoughts?

  14. I was hoping for an improved screen, as I am in the market for a new iPad Pro. These improvements aren’t really what I need, but that just means I can go for a used or refurb 2018 and save some money. 😊 Now just gotta figure out which size… 🤔

  15. Let's give this man a like for this great video! I don't understand how people aren't even willing to spend 1 sec to show their appreciation for someone's effort/work… 🙂

  16. As an artist who uses the iPad Pro primarily for illustration, I don't find this upgrade compelling enough to upgrade from my 2017 model (especially since there's whispers they may release another iPad Pro upgrade in 2020). The cameras and AR aren't important to me. The most compelling feature, I find, is the keyboard/pointer but still… will probably wait til the next release.

  17. Affordable macbook? That’s an ipad 10.2 plus keyboard and a mouse. I truly believe that and I use my iPad 10.2 plus bluetooth mouse for the vast majority of my daily computing. I think it’s a fantastic device and apple bringing more mouse support to iPadOS and more accessibility only makes me happier because I’m disabled and I can’t use a touchscreen. Thanks Apple, love pretty much everything you are doing right now 🙂

  18. I just checked, my iPad is SEVEN years old. It's a 2013 model, that is now really showing its age. Needless to say, I don't use it for much other than email and bank balances. BUT I'm chopping at the bit for this new pro-model with the keyboard. More computer-like design and capability are important to me. And the pencil has been a feature that I've been longing for. So I'm buying one soon.


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