iPad Pro (2020) review: beyond the trackpad: Dieter Bohn reviews Apple’s new iPad Pro tablets for 2020. There are minor updates this year, with a new wide-angle camera, support for a trackpad, and LiDAR for augmented reality. There’s more than enough hardware power for nearly anybody here, but is there a reason to upgrade?

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iPad Pro (2020) review: beyond the trackpad

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  1. this may be a bad time to release the ipad pro.. coronavirus and the economy going into recession and joblessness is going to be the 1st thing on ppl mind..

  2. I disagree on the LiDAR. As you say this is a software issue which means when software companies adapt there will be more to do with it. Also it might not be for consumers but pro users will love it. And MMW next summer not just the new iPhone but all the new flagships will have it. Just because they can’t afford to lose the hardware game to Apple.

  3. Lidar is potentially can help blind people see and for normal people to quickly scan a room and find their keys. As for software, AR Quick Look and all the 3D usdz objects you can find from Sketchfab, etc is a great wealth of things to discover. And people can start using AR using Reality Composer app.

  4. Pass. Might get the keyboard though. A third party one. 399 is way too expensive for a keyboard. I’ve already found one that’s exactly the same for 150 bucks cheaper.

  5. Why do you need a mouse for a touch screen tablet that has a stylus. I mean, yeah. Cool feature. But this is why Apple annoys me. They give you a “feature” that should have been included 10 years ago and then they make it seem like it’s a big deal. Next they will add an SD slot and say it’s the next big thing. (Who am I kidding? Apple will never use an SD slot.)

  6. Is it fair to compare Geekbench scores between the 11” 2018 vs 12.9” 2020? Wouldn’t 12.9” 2018 vs 2020 be more accurate? Love the video nonetheless!

  7. So they’re turning into a laptop but not really and it’s still expensive. Why don’t they keep it as a tablet and lower the price?

  8. a radar uses radio waves which also moves at the speed of light. But lidar has a shorter wavelength which means more detail.

  9. No reason to get this. The reason I skipped the 2018 pro in the first place is because it bends. This one is literally the same construction so no from me :V

  10. Well, its puzzling that the apple just made a trackpad for ipad, not a mouse. What's more puzzling is nobody is talking about it.


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