iOS 13.4 Released! Final Review: Final & Ultimate iOS 13.4 Review. All new features, new iPad trackpad support, speed, hidden features & more before updating! This one is HUGE!

New iPhone 12 Pro Leaks.

More iOS 13.4 Features.

Phone Rebel Cases:

iOS 13.4 Released! Final Review

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  1. 13.3 update my wired earphone doesn’t work and can’t connect to any wired speaker but my charger works perfectly
    13.4 update still the same shit

    P.S iphone 7 USER

  2. I’m just trying to watch a 1440p video on my YouTube app with iphone…. let me know when that gets added (again)

  3. Huh, on my iPhone 11 Pro running 13.1.2 I got a single core score of 5476 and a multi core score of 13924.


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