I Finished Mortal Shell Twice! | My Favourite Souls-Like Game (Review): Mortal Shell. Action RPG. Indie. Single Player. Souls-Like XD

New to my reviews? I typically try to balance comedy with insightful & thoughtful analysis, but the overall goal is to entertain myself tbh

Just so you know – Mortal Shell is not a big-budget AAA game, it is an Indie game from a small studio and priced lower at £24.99. I knew this going in, so I adjusted my expectations accordingly. My final rating therefore is given with this in mind, and it’s comparing Mortal Shell to similar games on the market. You might rate it differently but this was how I thought about it!

Thanks to Cold Symmetry for providing a review copy of Mortal Shell.
Thumbnail artist – Vitaly Bulgarov https://app.artstation.com/vbulgarov
Shoutout to Fieldhouz for the chalice dungeon clip – https://www.youtube.com/user/FieLdHouZ

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I Finished Mortal Shell Twice! | My Favourite Souls-Like Game (Review)

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