Huawei Nova 5T Review | Budget-friendly P30 alternative: Reviewing the Huawei Nova 5T mid-range mobile, which boasts a quad lens rear camera, P30 style performance for gaming on the go, and those EMUI features. This feels like a premium smartphone for a budget price, and after a week of using the Nova 5T as my personal blower, I’d happily recommend.

Huawei has packed five camera lenses in total into this handset, including a wide angle, macro and depth sensor. The specs include a Kirin 980 chipset, so you can play PubG, Fortnite and other demanding titles with a very respectable frame rate. And the battery will keep you powered up all day unless you really are gaming non-stop.

That Full HD IPS screen is a winner too, even with the pinhole notch. Media streaming is no problem for the Nova 5T, although the lack of a headphone jack is a shame.

EMUI 10 is still incoming, although Huawei’s Emotion UI 9.1 launcher is still lovable, with lots of bonus functionality packed on top of Google’s Android OS. And yes, Google services are fully featured, unlike on the Mate 30.

Huawei Nova 5T Review | Budget-friendly P30 alternative

Author by: Tech Spurt