How you can Stay Social in a Pandemic | How to Drink

How you can Stay Social in a Pandemic | How to Drink

Basil Hayden’s asked me to share how I’m staying in touch with friends through quarantine, I love setting up for a get together so here is how I am doing that these days. #Ad

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The pandemic has everyone doing their best to stay sane and keep in touch with the friends and loved ones we are all now separated from. In order to keep a bit of my social life going I have been spending time sharing recipes with friends so we can enjoy an old fashioned and something we all “cooked together”. In this episode I walk through my favorite easy-to-make bread recipe and my cheese plate preferences. #BasilHaydens was generous enough to sponsor this episode because they think it’s important that people know what options are at their disposal to stay in touch while we all social distance responsibly, and so thank you for that Basil Hayden’s! Check them out on youtube here: and Instagram @basilhaydens

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