How to WIN in 3 Minutes as a Jungler!: How to WIN in THREE MINUTES As a Jungler!
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How to WIN in 3 Minutes as a Jungler!

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  1. Notifications, where you at?! Go create some invade fiestas in your games my friends. (Then wait 12 minutes for them to FF!) 😀

  2. you missed a critical thing in this guide: what do you do if you attempt this and it fails utterly?

    you cover when things get messy to varying degrees but each instance you show has the strat ultimately succeeds. what about those times it fails? how do you recover from it? you guys are really good at showing good strats, how they work, why they work, and how to execute them, but almost never cover when the strat fails utterly. you acknowledge that it won't work every time, the implication being… what, that's a loss? if you fail do you just lose? even mentioning a different guide to use if you've already covered a level 1 death in jungle would be good but you don't do that either

    dont get me wrong, i love these videos and the quality of your guides is S tier at least. but you often dont cover when your strats completely fail, leaving prospective players trying it out to flounder and basically lose the game

  3. 2 questions:
    Will this work with teemo jungle?
    Most often than not, when i go to ward enemy red, there is always the top or mid laner already there( this is low silver) do i just have to outplay them or what?

  4. Rly, are you recommending so random beggining for platinum players? You expect your team to do exactly what happend here in every match? It's impossible.

  5. First game after watching I killed Jungler at Red, Killed Mid, Killed jungler again at his blue and the entire team DCed from the game. Thanks for the LP skill capped

  6. So I see a big problem with this guide.. As a laner, I automatically go to protect invades at level one, even if just by standing in a bush that I can see the buff from, or ward the pixel brush or the buff itself.. And I tend to do this ONCE the fountain opens.. In all of the scenarios you gave, you – the jungler – always arrived earlier than the other team.. So my question is, in the case that I find them there before me, should I just follow your strategy of staying if we're strong enough to take the level 1 fight? Or do you have another thought for this..

    Thanks a ton for the guides! They're amazing and VERY well made <3

  7. How well do you think this will work in high bronze/low silver? Would I need a duo or would it be solo viable?

  8. this only works if you have great teammates that responds fast enough to your own pings. Only high elo tactics imao hahaha

  9. Where is Shaco on the tier list? Is he juat so irrelevant that he can't do this or just forgot him?


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