How to use “USED TO” in English: Learn how to use “used to” to talk about the past in English. In this fun lesson, I will use the phrase “used to” to talk about my past tastes in fashion, music, and hobbies. I will compare my past and present preferences and teach you how to correctly use “used to” in sentences. Not only will you get to find out all the weird things I loved when I was younger, but you will also learn a useful idiom in the process! For example, I used to wear “phat pants” in high school. Now, I wear colorful dresses. The phrase “used to” is easy to learn and will come in handy in everyday conversations and interactions. At the end of the video, take my quiz to practice what you learned in this basic English grammar lesson: Leave a comment and describe what you used to wear!

How to use “USED TO” in English

Author by: Learn English with Emma [engVid]