How to Use a Chainsaw | Chainsaw 101: Big thank you to Stihl for sponsoring this video

Parts of a chainsaw – 0:37
Needed Fluids – 1:55
PPE – 3:07
Kickback – 4:33
Starting a Saw – 6:10
Putting on, Tensioning, Removing the Chain – 7:42
Picking Out the Right Chainsaw – 9: 38
Making Safe Cuts with a Chainsaw – 11:03
Sharpening a Chainsaw – 13:02
Storing a Saw – 14:09
Battery Operated Chainsaws – 14:53

The best way to prevent injuries with any tool is to first understand it and the potential risks. In this video I try and cover all the chainsaw basics from what each part of the machine is called, to how to start it, how to change out the blade, and how to safely cut with it. Depending on which chainsaw you get, things might vary slightly so always read the instruction manual. Also, even with full PPE on, instead of having a pony tail, it is best if you tie up hair completely.


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How to Use a Chainsaw | Chainsaw 101

Author by: April Wilkerson