HOW TO SURVIVE BEING STUCK AT HOME WITH FOUR KIDS | DAY 11: Being stuck at home as a big family of six can be a challenge. Staying home with our four kids has been a series of ups and downs. Eventually the inevitable boredom kicks in and you start wondering how to survive being stuck at home with four kids when you’re on day 11!

Since we’re all stuck at home and it seems like we’re gonna stay home for a while we have found something to beat the boredom and put some adventure back in your stuck at home life to help you survive. Whether you’re a big family all crammed under one roof or you’re staying home all alone, this Adventure Hunt challenge will keep you moving, laughing, and surviving this time stuck in your house!


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  1. It so good i love you guys with all of my heart i have watched all of your videos and enjoyed them soo much i hope you never stop doing what your doing be your self dont let someone else change you you are perfect the way you guys are stay safe

  2. I don’t like home school cuz I like to be going to just saying I’m the house but y’all help me get tho it

  3. WOAH comments are back. Very odd but grateful for the chance to comment and say you all are awesome! My favorite youtube family and I look forward to your videos everyday! And it’s so cool to be able to watch your kids grow up and mature. I truly appreciate all of you allowing us into your lives and I really can’t wait to see where this life takes all of you and hopefully I get to see everyone down to Miss Hazy grow up 😊😊 plus the shots you get are amazing! From sunsets to cat naps (literal, love me some laz) you really know how to capture a moment! Love you all!! Stay safe and clean during this quarantine

  4. Hey Bingham Family! I love online learning because I don't have to wake up early for school. I always have to wake up at 5:45 for school. Much love from New York

  5. My 3 are salt lake to see the salt flats and you Guys ew Zealand and Melbourne Australia. I live in Perth Australia so I would love you guys to come here

  6. I am grateful for doctors nurses teaches health and education staff electric devices to do school family friends hand sanitizer hand soap and toilet paper 🧻

  7. Hey, This How We Bingham my name is Jessica Nguyen I’m from Denver Colorado and you make me smile and laugh when I watch you guys. You are my favorite YouTube channel every. I watched every single video of your and thank you for being such a fun, positive and caring family and what you do and keep it up ❤️❤️❤️😎😎😎😎

  8. We are doing good but. We are super bored and all our sports are canceled so it is really boring

  9. Love you guys ♥️🇨🇦been meaning to tell you for so long… super glad comments are active 👊🏻

  10. I’m grateful for my family. My mom is 78 years old and not in the best of health so I’m grateful for the time I still have with her and with my kids.

  11. My city just got shelter in place for 21 days. Only allowed to get groceries and some outdoor activity (walking, running.)

  12. I am greatful for my university teachers who after one week of being a new university student are able to put my entire photography degree online so that i am able to still learn.

  13. This is irrelevant but I see your Rug is still bunching, and maybe if you get a thicker one it
    stays put. My living room isn’t near a big as yours but that’s something that’s helped me.


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