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Now is the time to minimize your expenses just to survive a layoff and the impending depression.

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How to Survive a Layoff and a Depression

Author by: BeatTheBush



  1. I'm thinking about starting a Amazon and Shopify business. Perfect time to do it plus I don't have anything to lose.

  2. Instacart is BOOOMING right now. My GF has been a shopper for about a year and right now the orders are just almost non stop, all day.

  3. Thank you so much for your video during this time. As a flight attendant for 16 years, the career I loved so much is on the verge of being gone. Very grateful for your video. Been following you for years. Thank you.

  4. I've been watching your channel and other minimalist for a while. So, I'm not scrambling during there times like some of my peers. My Anarchist, rural Nevada friends are the only ones who were really prepared for this.

  5. Great reminder concerning the car battery. I'll take my car out for a spin today after I check the tire pressure!

  6. Here in ky at 8pm all restaurants are closed. No drive through no curb side no delivery. Closed period.

  7. This is the time the elites are analyzing who is a good worker and who is not. My job asked if I felt safe with COVID 19 and gave me the option if I wanted to go on unemployment (and be on schedule) with 0 hours… I said "I'll still work" but was surprised when half the employee's took the package… And then the Dems said No deal with the stimulus pack. I'm looking at the stock market and it's diving down.

  8. I heard the stimulus bill didnt pass in the senate……I'm staying tuned to your channel, keep up the good work!

  9. all I keep seeing is major hiring and stimulus headed our way. why would this cause recession. I still see container ships sailing and airplanes have full schedules still.

  10. anything considered critical infrastructure is still up and running. general contractor, San Diego, Ca. hope this helps.

  11. My purely qualitative, mental, and non-exhaustive risk assessment of catching the beer bug concludes for most countries a significant health and hygiene investment makes frugal sense over healthcare bills too 💪

  12. These type of videos are worth watching twice, or at least some note taking 👍 As a European, I feel compelled to exploit the strong USD and proclaim my monthly spending to average 500 USD/month for 2020. Love tips like adjusting your waking hrs but losers like me adjust their activities (reading versus pc work) or go hardcore with a rechargeable torch.

  13. Have you try textnow. They offer free unlimited talk and text for cellular. You should try it.

  14. Beat the Bush can you make a video of when you are going back into the market? Do you think the bottom will be today if the stimulus gets passed? Thanks!

  15. Ya this is basically my plan… If my company decides to downsize ill go apply at amazon or a grocer haha…i dont think their IT is good enough to handle everyone remote working so it's a real possibility down the line i think….


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