How to Succeed in Online School || Tips from an Online University Student ✨: So since September, I’ve gone to an online university… out of choice! With the crazy times of today, I really hope I can give you some advice, motivation or reassurance if corona has moved your education online. I can imagine you must feel a lot of uncertainty at the moment, especially if exams have been cancelled (I’m GUTTED for you, truly), but I hope my experience can help you fall in love with learning… even if it’ll feel clunky for a while.

My university is called Minerva and we use a platform optimised for education called the Active Learning Forum. However, I tried to make the tips in this video as general as possible! Tell me what you’re using! Zoom? Google Hangouts? Recorded lectures? Let me know if I can make specific videos to help you with any issues you’re having! ❤️

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How to Succeed in Online School || Tips from an Online University Student ✨

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  1. Lmao for me it's going downhill. I'm not necessarily stressed or having trouble with anything big but I'm definitely missing physically being in class and I haven't been getting very good sleep lately because I normally walk to and from school and there isn't the daily gym period anymore. I've been exercising for about half an our daily but it still doen't help much :/ any tips?

  2. My University is creating 'discussions' in which they post a comment and we have to reply to it. That is all we get. This is now my education 😒

  3. I live in Illinois we don't have school in tell April 8 but we r not in online classes but we have a person in my town with the corona***

  4. I hate online teaching. So impersonal and the interaction with lecturers is not as natural. We use Blackboard, which is live, and everyone can use the camera/mic to speak up and engage, we also have a chat on the side, which we use to ask questions. But the experience has so far been so much more sub par than physical lectures. I am glad that proper universities are not like Minerva. I can see in the future that the most prestigious and attractive universities will be the ones that offer contact lectures, with the opportunity to get to know your professor and have discussions outside the lecture in person, whilst worse universities will try to cut costs and force everyone to go online.

  5. In Hong Kong, we've been doing this for like 3 months already so it's pretty normal tbh. BUt basically, the teacher sends us a Google Doc weekly with all the info we need and we have Zoom classes twice a day, at 9am and 11am. :/

  6. One teacher uses teams, the other has set up and youtube, then one isn’t doing either of those just powerpoints 😫

  7. I've been social distancing since last Wednesday and my sixth form is doing Google Classroom lessons from today. I don't know how we're gonna register, don't know how the hell it's gonna work at all – but it'll get there!!

  8. This was such a useful and helpful video!! I am currently transitioning to online uni and have really been struggling with getting into a solid routine.

  9. I’m from the US and we have not even started anything and I’m not complaining at all, it just that I’m going mad not doing anything all day and just sitting at home.

  10. In actual government-mandated quarantine here in Colombia for a month – I'm teaching english online (provided I can keep my job – love a global pandemic that also causes an economic crash) and it's great to hear students perspectives <3

  11. My teachers are just setting work on google classroom and we’re not allowed to use the chat and I just miss school so much and wish we were using zoom and had a chat etc so I’m not lonely, after losing school and my activities I don’t feel like myself and just want some normality and fun ☹️

  12. Thank you for the video! Some of it is stuff that I've been thinking about or hearing from my teachers, but it was really nice to hear affirmed and reiterated. The main thing I've been struggling with is motivation and your video and positive attitude definitely helped a lot. In case you're curious, most of my classes are using Zoom! Some of my professors are also doing recorded lectures along with a powerpoint and then having open discussion/office hours on Zoom so we can ask questions. One of my classes is going to be using the breakout group option on Zoom as well.

  13. Please be careful about how you use the word 'lazy'! My school is already online, I've been doing my A levels online because I'm chronically ill and there's more people like me than you may first think. I HAVE to work from bed and I HAVE to stay in my pyjamas. It doesn't make working any harder and it definitely isn't 'lazy'.

  14. How exactly do you do exams ? Are they graded assignments or actual exams ? It's super cool that your education is based online !!

  15. You should do a day in my life while on quarantine. It’s hard for us who are not used to online classes to be productive or structured

  16. I'm from North Africa still in highschool
    I don't really know much your school system
    So my question is can i study in online University but from my home in here ? Please give me informations 🙏

  17. I found this very interesting because most of your advice is about how to make online learning more engaging and interactive but the lectures that I would usually have at university are not engaging or interactive at all. It is just a lecturer at the front of the room speaking at us for 50 minutes, usually with powerpoint slides. I don't enjoy most of lectures so maybe this transition online will be the start of more interactive learning for higher education.

  18. We use microsoft teams and zoom. It would really be helpful for some tips to stay organized and how to schedule your day.


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