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The crew gives you a look at their day-to-day life while living in self-quarantine at the height of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

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How to Stay Sane During The Apocalypse

Author by: Corridor Crew



  1. Dammit… amazon is out of bagsnakes already! I am too late… what can I do now… I am doomed without a bagsnake!

  2. To keep me sane – I have been watching Avatar the Last AirBender with my kids. As I was watching our favorite episode I got thinking about the horror that was the live action movie. Also started to wonder if Corridor could do some of the best moments from my favorite episode in Live action.

    So – if you find yourselves needing a challenge – watch the episode called ‘The Blind Bandit’. See if you could re-create any of it as live action – so many awesome moments in there

  3. I’ve become slightly depressed and anxious during this quarantine and these past two videos from corridor crew have really given me a sense of hope and happiness. Thanks for everything you guys do

  4. You guys need to react to the Apple HomePod ad “Welcome Home” by Spike Jonze. I couldn’t tell which effects were practical and which weren’t.

  5. Sensational fear hyping , not what I usually would expect from you guys . Yer it's a joke but it's just not appropriate at the moment. "The first segment "

  6. There is only one thing that is missing in these videos and it is Carmichael. Can you just get him to say hi?

  7. Some addtional tips for those of you who feel like they're out of energy and unmotivated (helped me a lot, so I decided to share them) ; keep up a daily routine like waking up and going to bed at the same time every day, if you can, go for a little walk every morning etc., try to eat as much freshly cooked food as you can, especially vegetables and for snacks eat fruits instead of chips

  8. When my anxiety is at its worst is when my stomach is churning, my heart rate is heightened and my chest feels tight/heavy. I HATE it and it severely affects my productivity.

  9. Sending love to all you guys at Corridor, I mean Quarantine, Crew! Anxiety and depression are definitely creeping in at times like this but I've actually been inspired by this channel to take up longboarding as my form of exerise during quarantine – and I love it so far, I really like how it helps me clear my head and gets me out in the sun 🙂 thanks for talking about this on your channel! Sending happiness to everyone here <3

  10. 7:37 I've never felt this good about having social anxiety. All of a sudden it's a benificial trait. Survival of fittest


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