How To Spot Toxic Friends: Share this video with a toxic friend but don’t tell them why.

Produced by:
Chrysan Lee @ChrysanLee

Written by:
Chrysan Lee @Chrysanlee
Lingyi Xiong @Blingyi
Nic Teo @HargaoHunk

Filmed and edited by:
Jaron Boey @Jaron_Boey


Fish @Maxxzie
Chrysan Lee @ChrysanLee
Kelly @Kellykanez
Nic Teo @Hargaohunk
Thomas K@HeyThomasK
Lingyi @Blingyi
Jason @Jasonkokotan
Nic Teo @HargaoHunk

Outro Song by MMXJ –

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How To Spot Toxic Friends

Author by: Wah!Banana