How To Spot A Trans Guy: Trans guy reacts to some Tips from Reddit users about how to spot and avoid trans men!

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How To Spot A Trans Guy

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  1. i have bad genes for hair growth ive never really been able to grow body hair much the chicks at school were always jelous coz i barely had any hair on me…i only shaved for the 1st time in my life when i was almost 22 (so not long ago). i also stunned my growth from falling on the concrete and smashing my head. My hands, height, and even some of my bones completely stopped growing and so i have child sized hands and knee caps. i guess bad luck turned me trans lol (in a way it did coz waznt born right but yehh).
    it took a few years but i now dont care who knows im trans. i tell people when i 1st meet them, not for attention, but so coz of just incase they hate trans people, neither me or them has to waste time talking and can go on with life. but even then i dont tell everyone….i only tell people who i think i might try make friends with or people at work for health and safety reasons. most people dont know and will never know

  2. Lol these ones are even funnier than how to avoid dating trans women thread. That one was at least trying to make some sort of vaguely logical argument based on probability and biology. This one has the accuracy of a horoscope. Like, softer aesthetic? Forearm tattoos? Playing ukulele? What is this, a random character trait generator???

  3. Dear Jamie. I love your posts. Absolutely adore them.
    Are the 2 of you well and keeping safe from covid?
    Thank you for everything xxxxxx

  4. does this person not realise… that trans people aren't going to date them… because they're transphobic

  5. Ok one thing in this debate that is ignored. You know what it is like to have a female cycle. I don't know if you know what it is like to have a cycle that is debilitating , but gender dysporic xy individuals are very different then xx individuals that are non gender dysporic. I personally find the term cis offensive to me and anyone like me because because is not just a term assigned to me by people who really don't understand what it is to be me but it doesn't define who I am. in my opinion you cannot contain who I am and what my life is with that term and just like you don't like being put in boxes that don't fit you I don't like it either. I may be called an xx female or a human race progeniter. But I don't have anything in common with a group of people that have members that have pulled my hair because they don't like that mine is nicer and longer then theirs. I have had doors deliberately let go of to slam me in the face and all after I have been friendly and put forth efforts to be supportive. I believe it is because Manny gender dysporic xys don't like women who naturally have lots of estrogen and natural curves that are feminine but don't act hyper feminine. We are ladies in every sense of the term but we don't dress like dolls or Barbie's and we Bushcraft and camp and fish and sew and cook and sculpt and have big ideas. Women like me somehow threaten some of them just by breathing and existing. And by having a third way to look at everything. I don't hate the gender dysphoric community. If anyone of the gender dysporic persuasion was attacked in the street I would take my staff and defend that person and if that person was obviously gender dysphoric it probably would be a mtf who is the type that generally sees me and doesn't like me immeidiatly. However I don't have to figure out what kind of person you are and I generally don't to stop and help you. If it becomes an issue later for that person I deal with it when it comes up. But I know I am not the only girl that dislikes being called cis and the lgbtq community needs to ask each of us individually if we are ok with you assigning us that term. I don't personally like the term trans as it doesn't seem to fit the physicality of what happens in these situations when people find themselves struggling with dysphoria. There are few species on the planet that can actually physically change everything that goes into the physical nature of changing their sex. Such species are usually a type of fish or frog. I cannot tell someone else how they feel or judge anyone and I would not even try, however the gender dysporic community has issues that need to be addressed without the walls everyone on both sides of the argument put up. The problem with denying our chromesomes completely is that in some medical situations it can be a deadly thing. I don't know if an xx female can suffer vaginal atrophy and die but tranpa almost did. And the vaginal atrophy is significantly more likely in a chemically transistioned xx individual. And appropriate medical assessment of this as things stand would not nessisarally be done. I sympathize, some people and rightfully so aren't comfortable with that area messed with irregardless of whether or not gender dysphoria is involved. But you have medical staff not even asking the right questions and these are life and death questions sometimes.

  6. OMG! My kid plays the ukulele! (and guitar/keyboard) So he's Trans because his uncle bought him one for Christmas. Mystery solved! The things you learn……

  7. I'm a soft UwU boy with soft, curly hair and a high-pitched voice, so I guess I'm a trans guy now…

  8. I'm afab and I often get mistaken for a man or someone amab because of stupid shit like this. I have big hands, big shoulders, am 5'11, walk in a "masculine" way, have short hair, ect, ect. At my old job a lot of people were really concerned with discovering my sex, bro I'm just in my tiny open kitchen making chocolate treats for you to purchase and enjoy whats up with the invasive questions about my privates, I'm not even working customer service I'm just the chocolatier let me work! Y'all really that worried a trans person is making your chocolates? I mean.. I'm nonbinary so they actually kinda right that I'm trans but they got it the wrong way around lmao.

  9. If I ever see a transphobic guy, I’ll just tell him he was a girl once because all men start off as females before the 20th week

  10. My dad is very effeminate, to the point he'd been repeatedly mistaken as gay.

    Is he trans according to these idiots? xDD

  11. Omg I love Jamie but I feel like I will get triggered if I watch this. Here's the view see ya next vid! ❤

  12. Not having watched the video yet, just saying that it's weird but as much as a gaydar, I feel like it's possible to have a "trans" dar, like I don't know if it's because we have something in common that we have some sort of sixth sense but most of the time I know when a guy is trans, even though they totally pass… It's weird… Although you would be totally the type of guy that I wouldn't think is trans… This power is not perfect yet lmao

  13. okay so like. when the person said “scarring” (idc that they said “scaring” shhh) on a trans man’s arm was referencing self-harm scars. and the tattoo part would be to cover those scars is what i’m pretty sure they meant because it sounds like they are trying to describe a trans male that hasn’t gone through HRT and/or the surgeries.

    even if they weren’t talking about a pre-t/surgery, that post was pretty messed up.

  14. Gotta love it when transphobes watch one Ty Turner video and suddenly think all trans guys have curly hair that looks good in a beanie.


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