How to Spawnpeek: Do you hate Carriers? There is a solution, krapppa.

Thanks to
stratmania for the spawnpeek idea, SuperJF,
VonZeppelin, Serazahar,
Trackpad, BushFapper,
aerilis2, and TheSpreadsheet_
for the division ))

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How to Spawnpeek

Author by: Yuro



  1. Just to summarize how awesome this division is:

    You are 99% guaranteed to be up against another T8 CV. You will always have a target. And even when getting that 1% probability of a 2v2 CV match with T10 CVs, you can still have a shot when they broadside.

    You are guaranteed to have 2 BBs that overmatch 32mm. Press F to those Jean Barts.

    It cannot be stopped. Range mod + Spotter Musashi can cover almost the entire map from spawn and even if the target CV manage to dodge the snipe, he'll be ineffective because he'll be too far away from the battle.

    Musashi by itself is equipped with the longest Spotter duration and the shortest cooldown. So you can always try sniping the CV again if he escaped the first wave. Of course you can do this with other T9 BBs, I'd like to see it ))

    Once again it proved how utterly useless CV patrol fighters are against CV attacks.

    And then after the CV is dead, you have free reign!. You can spot for the team, DD player would thank you greatly and the shitty AA doesn't matter anymore! Bonus irony point because the best ships for this strat are a CV that failed at being a CV (Graf Zep) and BB that has absolutely no AA at all.

    The only CVs that can resist this snipe is Implacable/Indomitable (They have armored deck), and to an extent, Saipan (Really small CV).


  2. This right here is the 1st SkyCancer video I've liked since the reeeework. And god damn is that like a well deserved one

  3. Sometimes, i always wonder why noone using this much earlier. I love to snipe CVs if im playing BB. Or Shima. If AP doesn't work, HE will. Perma burn is also something.

  4. Wouldn't work against me; my carrier is always moving, and I try not to get too far from teammates)

  5. The fireworks for getting first blood with Yamamoto makes killing a CV two minutes into the game feel extra special.


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