How To Set Goals (Do This By 20 and 30): Step by step guide how to set ambitious goals for yourself in your 20s and 30s that you will actually accomplish.

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One of the best ways of achieving financial independence is learning how to set goals for yourself. These are the S.M.A.R.T. goals that will help you achieve incredible success in the year 2020 and beyond. Whether you want to retire early, want to build dividends, passive income, have short term money goals, this is a great guide to follow.

Starting with the first way of winning big and setting goals that will put you on the path of success of S.M.A.R.T. (Smart Goals) is

S – It has to be something that is specific. Saying “I want more money” isn’t specific enough. Be specific with your goals and understand the difference between goals and dreams/visions. Dreams are not something you accomplish in the short term, while goals have a specific strategy.

M stands for measurable. Your has to be something you can measure. Saying “I want to be happier” is not specific nor measurable so it will difficult to keep track of progress. Make sure your goal is measurable.

A stands for Attainable. Your goals have to be something within your reach and capabilities of accomplishing. Make sure it’s something that’s within your reach. 10 years ago at 20 years old, I never imagined, I would ever have $10,000, let alone, save $100,000 by age 25, but they were attainable goals. If I hadn’t committed to saving 50% of my income when I was making roughly $25 an hour, I wouldn’t be here today.

R stands relevant. If you’re trying to build a brand then pick an industry that’s relevant – some industries today are more relevant than others. Some industries, like in my case – personal finance, is cyclical, kind of like the economy – it experiences different cycles. If you’re into building a brand about blockchain, that may have a small window of time to boost you like crazy, so consider what’s relevant and what will benefit you in some way obviously and that your circumstances allow you to achieve it in a relevant way with resources you actually have.

T stands for Time-bound or Timely. Your smart goals have to have a deadline. One of the most important things I learned in life is that if you don’t have a specific deadline, things just don’t happen. This is just as true for business finance related goals as it is for personal relationships.

Lasty, you need to figure out your “why”. Why are you saving money and investing in WeBull and Robinhood? What’s the end goal of all that saving and investing in the stock market? The better your why is, the more likely you will remain consistent and keep pushing forward whehn you’re not seeing results at first.

How To Set Goals (Do This By 20 and 30)

Author by: Andrei Jikh