How to protect privacy on your phone in 5 minutes | Tutorial for normies: Quick and easy 5-minute-long mobile OS privacy tutorials for all the normies out there.
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How to protect privacy on your smartphone (Android or iPhone). This is a mobile privacy tutorial in 5 minutes for normies and non-tech-savvy people. Get as much privacy as possible with install-and-forget approach – in other words – get the most amount of privacy on your phone while doing minimal work.


Application firewall
NetGuard for Android
NetGuard on F-Droid
Lockdown for iOS

Encrypt DNS on Android
DNSCloak for iOS t encrypt DNS system-wide

Limit Ad Tracking on iPhone
Turn off ad personalization on your Google Account

Disable Location services on Android
Disable Location Services on iPhone

OsmAnd (OpenStreet Map Automated Navigation Directions)
OsmAnd on F-Droid

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser
DDG Privacy Browser on F-Droid

Signal Private Messenger

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How to protect privacy on your phone in 5 minutes | Tutorial for normies

Author by: The Hated One