How to Properly Clean & Disinfect Germs Bacteria from Car Interior: Subaru Outback: The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed the way we think about germ, bacteria, and virus cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. After reading the EPA, CDC, and World Health Organization website, I’ve compiled all of the (current) recommendations as best I could in this video. I then applied their recommendations to safely clean our interiors without (hopefully) ruining the material in the process. I hope you find this helpful.




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Coronavirus Symptoms and Prevention Explained Through Medical Animation

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How to Properly Clean & Disinfect Germs Bacteria from Car Interior: Subaru Outback

Author by: AMMO NYC



  1. Hey everyone. Many people have asked about steam or steam machines or heat etc…The answer is: At this time I do not see it as a recommend method or technique listed on the United States Environmental Protection Agency nor the Center For Disease Controls respective websites. Based on this, I would not recommend using steam (at this time) until the professional health officials deem it effective. I cannot stress enough: Please follow the recommended solutions to avoid issues from ineffective disinfecting. I completely support and understand detailers are creative innovators always eager to solve an issue with logic and reasoning. That's what makes you all so amazing! My sincerest advice is to follow the rules (for now 🙂 so that we all are working together on the same page (globally) to eradicate this pandemic before it completely destroys our economies and our livelihoods. It's time to stick together and do what we do best. Stay calm, wear protective gear….then CLEAN and DISINFECT. No time in our lives has cleaning been more at the forefront. This is how we can continue to show our profession/hobby/joy is as valuable as we feel it is. Time to lead. -L

  2. what you wanna say is that a virus and a bacteria is a small infectious agent that replicates only inside the living cells of an organism. It can live outside our bodies for a determined time only which is determined by the material its located on lets say hatsjoe and located on steering wheel. the corona virus wont live long there but you need to let the dwell to be able to kill it. if you spray and wipe you take some of the agents on the towel and you leave some making it not effective and you end up with a bigger mess. however the risc that a driver had corona, sneezed on the steering wheel and left the virus there, you get in the car within hours ( or the virus is already dead) you touch it and touching your face and getting infected is very unlikely, keeping in mind the person has to be in his incubation time so he doesnt know he has it is even smaller. but better be safe then sorry, you just be carefull you dont get the virus by cleaning someone's car which is a bit more likely to happen.

  3. Just a point: antibacterial soaps don’t do anything against viruses. Any soap plus hot water does damage against viruses.

  4. Have you considered Using a medical UVc lamp for interior sterilisation…..its proven tech , and certainly safer than using chemicals if used with correct ppe

  5. Hopefully a solution can be made, I don't want it to be the year of not detailing. But what about a ipa mix for hard surfaces and what we use to do in the carpet cleaning industry for seats and carpet i know this sounds crazy but hydrogen peroxide just have to work quick tho and not let it sit to long.

  6. Thank you so much for this information Larry. This will help me tremendously for disinfecting my wife's new car I just bought since she's almost on the front line of the medical center during this pandemic. I'll share your video on my social media platform to keep others aware.

  7. Hey Larry, in regards to the seat leather taking up the disinfectant – what about cleaning the seat, applying the disinfectant, then cleaning it a 3rd time to remove the disinfectant?

  8. Would a isopropanol alcohol solution not be a good method. Many of these disinfectants are hard to get at the moment and a lot of us have an abundance of Rubbing Alcohol.

    What would the negatives be of using that on interior surfaces?

  9. An ozone generator will nuetralize Covid-2 which is similarly structured to Covid-19, there is a likelihood that it will most likely do the same with Covid-19 but it has not been confirmed by health officials yet. Hopefully this can be confirmed so we can safely neutralize the virus in porous materials without damaging them.

  10. What about UV LIGHT? This would be a way to help with the interior, and would not be long enough exposure to fade colors, etc. Also, the airlines have been using an EPA approved "FOGGING" technique for the insides of planes. Is there anything like this for use in a vehicle interiors?

  11. Latest Subaru's are a Nightmare of mixed Materials and Textures.
    Personally I really hate it.
    Who the F let them..

    Very nice tutorial… Thanks

  12. It's been proven that "anti-bacterial" soap is not necessary. Any soap is antibacterial, and soap labelled as such will not clean any better. And when it comes to killing the virus, the properties of any soap will kill and remove it from your hands. Conclusion: wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds with ANY soap!!!

  13. A great video. You highlight one of my bug bears with people detailing car interiors, in that it's only a superficial clean. I'm a big fan of the antibacterial disposable wipes, especially for interior plastics and surfaces. For upholstery I find a product by Gtechniq, I2 Tri-Clean works very well and has anti-bacterial properties.


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