How To Mix Every Cocktail | Method Mastery | Epicurious: Grab your shakers and swizzle sticks – class is back in session! Today on Method Mastery, New York bartender Jeff Solomon shows us how to conjure up almost every cocktail he’s been asked to mix, step by step. Watch as he stirs, shakes, and garnishes his way down the list – then make your next evening cocktail a new adventure.

Old Fashioned 1:45
Manhattan 2:54
Whiskey Sour 4:03
Sazerac 5:45
Whiskey Fix 7:11
Boulevardier 8:15
Presbyterian 8:58
Blinker 9:58
Improved Whiskey Cocktail 10:41
Monte Carlo 11:25
Mint Julep 12:05
Martini 13:39
Martinez 14:20
Gimlet 15:00
Gin Rickey 15:34
Negroni 15:52
Corpse Reviver Number 2 16:10
Aviation Number 1 16:37
Tom Collins 17:13
Ramos Gin Fizz 17:38
Bramble 19:10
20th Century 19:51
Bee’s Knees 20:46
Last Word 21:18
Vodka Martini 21:53
Moscow Mule 22:42
Headless Horseman 23:19
Vesper 23:30
Margarita 24:13
Paloma 24:47
Mexican Firing Squad Special 25:30
Daiquiri 26:04
Hemingway Daiquiri 26:32
Dark n’ Stormy 26:53
Mai Tai 27:20
Mojito 28:10
Hotel Nacional Special 28:47
Sidecar 29:31
French 75 29:55
Brandy Alexander 30:45
Vieux Carré 31:04
Pink Lady 31:38
Delmonico 32:13
Jack Rose 32:42
Pan American Clipper 33:01
Aperol Spritz 33:11
Americano 33:41
Champagne Cocktail 34:03
Bamboo 34:26
Pisco Sour 35:00
Caipirinha 35:50

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How To Mix Every Cocktail | Method Mastery | Epicurious

How To Mix Every Cocktail | Method Mastery | Epicurious

Author by: Epicurious



  1. False information. Pisco sour is a peruvian drink not from Chile. Chile doesnt have pisco, they have aguardiente.

  2. Boring I'm bored out of my gourd and I don't need that more boring crap yay I'm trapped in my house with two kids and I want to watch how to make drinks I'm going to drink anything is going to be straight out of the bottle and hardcore LOL

  3. dont play coy Epicurious, Pisco is Peruvian, the best piscos are peruvian, a freakin province is named Pisco here since 1900 (derived from the quechua "Pisku") and we have the earliest historical record of Pisco in a will from 1613.

  4. This guy is ridiculously dry and boring. He also provides next to no worthwhile insight compared to other presenters.

  5. I like how he references James Bond’s girlfriend from a drink But ignores that a vodka martini is THE James Bond drink

  6. Video title: How to mix EVERY cocktail
    Guy in the video: we are not mixing every cocktail
    Me: I've been clickbaited

  7. my brain: we gotta learn how to mix cockstails.
    me: what even is a cocktail?
    my brain: we just gotta learn about it.
    me: i can't even drink!

  8. They should have done 3 levels of making cocktails

    Emily level 1: Irish cream straight from the bottle.

    Frank level 3: and now I will sit on this lemon for 3 days to give it that extra aroma. Right, now I will crush this antarctic ice, brought over on a private jet.

  9. If people say they only drink alchohol for the taste, you should give them non alcohol cocktails since they dont drink it to get drunk

  10. I never realized exactly how complicated cocktails are until watching this video.
    And I am still wondering who all those cocktails went to.


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