How to Make Elephant Ears At Home: In this video, I show you how to make elephant ears at home. Depending on what part of the world you are in, they might be called scones, fried bread or Navajo tacos. I prefer to call them scones, but thought elephant ears might connect with more of you. This is the third in a three part series of bread making videos.

When Grandpa and I are making elephant ears or scones as we call them, we like to set up our camp stove outside, but of course it’s not necessary for you to do it this way. We just have more fun cooking these fried bread treats this way.

Scones originated in Scotland and are very popular in the United Kingdom. Traditionally, scones are slightly sweet and baked in an oven. Quite often, they will contain fruit such as blueberries or other flavors like cinnamon or chocolate chips. In Utah, they resemble more of a fried bread or elephant ears. Tell us in the comments below what they are called in your local area.

You can find a great wheat bread recipe to make elephant ears and many others at

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How to Make Elephant Ears At Home

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