How To Make Cool T-Rex Skeleton With 3D Pen: Today Sam and Sue were supposed to make a T-Rex skeleton with a 3D pen. But even best friends sometimes quarrel! There was a misunderstanding, so Sue’s going to start without Sam. However, making crafts without your best friend is kind of boring Sammy’s feelings are hurt, sure, but he still misses the crafting process and sometimes comes to help Sue and to be grumpy! Ha-ha!

You can guess that Sam and Sue will make up again sooner or later! So it’s time to talk about today’s cool craft! It’s an awesome T-Rex skeleton made with 3D pen. Sue has prepared a template of all the dinosaur parts, you just need to create them. You need to be very careful, because the skeleton contains many small details! Sue will tell you in detail about each block of details in our tutorial and show you how to attach them correctly!

Guys, be careful with the soldering iron. It’s very easy to burn your fingers! You’d better ask an adult to help you.

We made a very cool T-Rex, which looks like it’s waking up from a long long sleep! We hope you liked it too, guys, and you will also try to craft such a friend!

This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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How To Make Cool T-Rex Skeleton With 3D Pen

Author by: SLICK SLIME SAM – DIY, Comedy, Science