How to Make BUTTER Tea & Tsampa – roasting barley with SAND: Today I will be making food from the Himalayas, butter tea and tsampa or roasted barley flour mixed with tea and butter. The process of making tsampa includes roasting barley in hot sand! Big thanks to Miki for her patience and for requesting this recipe. 🙏

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The videos I watched for making butter tea and tsampa:
The World’s Oldest Food from
menkyi tenzin:
Tsampa: It Doesn’t Get More Tibetan Than This! from YoWangdu Experience Tibet:
The Making of Tsampa from Santiago carralero benitez:
How to Make Tibetan Tea from Dickeydol Recipe:
Tibetan Tea from Tsering Wongyal:
Making Butter Tea from WildFilmsIndia:

This video is NOT sponsored. Just roasting barley and making tea.

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How to Make BUTTER Tea & Tsampa - roasting barley with SAND

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