How To Make A Funny Frog Pencil Case With A Secret Money Compartment 🐸💸: Slime Sam wants to teach his hamster Ginger jump over pencils. But for some reason Ginger doesn’t want to and there are pencils all over the place. To keep things tidy, Sue comes up with an idea to make a funny pencil case shaped like a frog. It will do the tricks Sam wants and there won’t be any mess.

This pencil case is easy to make and the result will make you smile! Take some cardboard and create a box with a lid shaped like a frog’s head. Sue cuts out all the parts (the measurements are in the video) and then asks Sam to spray paint it. Then connect the parts of the head using a piece of cardboard and attach the lips made of rolled up pieces of paper. The lock for the pencil case is made of small wooden pieces (a popsicle stick will work great here).

Then comes the fun part. Make a frog’s tongue out of craft foam and attach a rubber band to it to hold pencils. Glue the tongue to a cardboard piece. This will serve as the lid for the secret compartment. You can keep money there and nobody will know!

The last step is to decorate the top of the pencil case with frog’s eyes and cute yellow dots. All done now! Check out the result 8:16

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How To Make A Funny Frog Pencil Case With A Secret Money Compartment 🐸💸

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