How To Make a Card Blaster From Cardboard ♥️♠️: Hello guys! Sammy is learning how to throw cards! But… he is still not good at it. Sue decided to help him and craft a device that will throw cards way better than any magician! It will be a card blaster which we will use to blast playing cards!

So, guys, we will start with the main mechanism of our card blaster. To do this we will need a few popsicle sticks. Then we add the card motion mechanism: we insert another stick here. Carefully! And a little glue. You will see the full instructions for making this craft in our cool video, and Sue and Sam will tell you about the process in detail!

Decorate the craft on the outside! And our card blaster is ready! Looks awesome! We just need to try it in action… Guys, you can also try making the same cardboard blaster! It’s exciting and lots of fun!

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This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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How To Make a Card Blaster From Cardboard ♥️♠️

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