How to lower your car the RIGHT way COMPLETE COILOVER GUIDE: This week, the Miata gets a ride height adjustment and a major handling upgrade with a set of coilovers! We replace the soft, squishy, comfy stock suspension with some tight and tidy coilovers geared for grip and handling. Next to tires, this is one of the most value-added modifications out there in terms of handling improvements, especially if your stock suspension is as spongy as our miata’s was! The car also benefits from a lowered ride height which helps handling and looks so, so good. We’ll show ya how coilovers work, how to choose a set for yourself, and how to install them.

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How to lower your car the RIGHT way COMPLETE COILOVER GUIDE

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  1. Shouldn't you roll your fenders with stock suspension ? (to avoid that problem of having a too long fender roller)

  2. Seriously guys, the trial & error and mistakes made bring a real level of authenticity to not only this series but the channel as a whole. Makes everything more relate able and less intimidating for beginners. Also Zach is killin it as a host

  3. To combat the issue of not being able to use the fender rolling tool.. set the ride height higher/highest setting and then will be able to use the tool…

  4. One maybe stupid question… All coilovers come with the same way to adjust from soft to firm. Because mine didn't come with the – and the + image to tell me with directions is to tighten for soft or hard . Right is for tighten left is for soft,? Right now I just have them all in the middle I think.

  5. Miata is such a great car to modify its easy to make look good and the platform is the most fun youll find for that price.

  6. "There's so much to choose from"
    Me: looking to own a VW mk2,mk3 and mk4 euro spec: goddamn time for early xmas i guess,dad won't complain since he will like it and i know it

  7. So you’re telling me… if I slap a spring on the outside of my French press coffee pot I’ll be good to go? Say less

  8. Youre series are so fun to watch, loved the part when you threw the coilover away 😂😂😂 and aswell when you called for you friend for help hahaha

  9. 13:49 Pro Tip:
    Roll your fenders BEFORE you change coilovers.
    That way you shocks are still long and the fender roller will fit 😀

  10. 10:09 laughs in volvo 940.
    there are 3 options, 1 cheaper (400$) 2 more expensive (1000$) the expensive is different brands but otherwise exacktly the same from what i've heard


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