How to Improve Without Tournaments – Smash Ultimate: Many people are taking a break from Smash at the moment, and understandably so. It’s impossible to go to tournemants right now. But if you still have a drive to get better or you just want to do well in wifi tourneys, these tips can certainly help.

Resources for studying the game:
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How to Improve Without Tournaments - Smash Ultimate

Author by: BananaBoySSB



  1. watching loads of yeet smash vids and tourney vods legit made me better. last summer, i didn’t play a lot of smash because my friends went back home (i’m in uni), so i mostly watched smash vids. weirdly enough, i didn’t watch them with the intention of getting better and gaining knowledge. i only watched them because i genuinely thought they were entertaining. before summer one of my friends used to murk me, and after summer the table turned

  2. Hey in reference to the discord learning, an amazing server is "My Smash Coach". They have many coaches and a member list of 450+ all willing to play you, teach you, and help you grow. There's a coach for everyone and it's an extremely positive community. So come on by and check us out!

  3. I’ve never actually had to play against a laggy samus…. until recently. I know the pain ltg feels

  4. Ive tried looking for top level Ryu plays but nobody plays Ryu. And I've been a Ryu main since he was released in Smash 4. He's real slept on

  5. Jesus Christ have you guys seen the high level online Samus plays with the missiles and charge shot spam

  6. Just want to say that Online suck ass no questions ask. But I have most definitely learn there. Tx

  7. Ok so I literally can't do any of these because A, I'm stupid, B I'm broke, C I've got no friends and D, no one mains Richter professionally.

  8. Hey everyone! Here's something I found recently that has been really helpful: go to smashcords! It's a website that helps you find discord channels dedicated to a specific smash game, or smash character. I used this to find a Yoshi discord, and it is FILLED with Yoshi players of all skill levels to practice with and learn from, as well as many non Yoshi players that are there to help learn the matchup. Plus, these character specific discords are built around improving, so the people there tend to have solid connections and are really dedicated to improving. 10/10

  9. Pff, no tournaments because of a virus? Here i have no tournaments ever.

    That being said i really apreciate this video dude

  10. I know this is a dumb question but is there anyway to improve without playing all too much? I’m on my by my switch every other weekend (family reasons) and I want to know if there is anything that can help me mire with mid level I.e. getting my main Dark Samus into elite smash. If anyone knows of any decent dark Samus mains on twitch or YouTube please tell me.

  11. Could you try to make a video on movement? I feel like that is an area in this game that I struggle alot in.


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