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It’s frustratingly common to get completely tongue tied when we’re in front of people we’d like to impress. Which is doubly unfortunate because it’s often those situations that could lead to us landing a great new job, connecting with a mentor, or even dating someone we’re smitten with.

That’s why in this video I want to cover how you can avoid that awkward trap and impress the people you admire by standing out in a positive way. To do that, we’ll be referencing someone who has done it many times: Sean Evans of Hot Ones.


1:38 – #1: Ask questions beyond the obvious ones.
3:09 – #2: Use the question preamble.
4:48 – #3: Steer conversation towards things that elicit emotion.
7:40 – #4: Tease playfully / have fun.
9:18 – #5: Comfortably express disagreement.

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How To Impress Someone You Admire

Author by: Charisma on Command