How To Hold Your Handlebars Like A Pro | GCN Pro Tips: Riding a road bike involves cycling in lots of different scenarios; different road surfaces, weather, conditions, and terrain. All of these situations require different positions on the bike and, therefore, a variety of hand positions on your handlebars. Conor’s here with his top tips to keep you comfortable, aero, and safe on your road bike.

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What’s your preferred hand position?

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How To Hold Your Handlebars Like A Pro | GCN Pro Tips

Author by: Global Cycling Network



  1. Oh man i wish you'd made this video last year. i tried the forearms on the handlebar, hit a speed bump on a descent and wound up with 5 stitches and 3 months off the bike :/

  2. I dont think too much about how to hold it but more about how to feel comfortable holding it. If it uncomfortable I switch grip.

  3. Very nice. I think you dropped your Tiger Tail at mile marker 12. Lol. Watched & Enjoyed 🇬🇧🇺🇸👍

  4. If I want to beat my mates I have to get as aero as possible, so toptube descending and tribarposition while breaking away for me ( when it's relatively safe to do so ). But practice on quiet roads in advance !! It makes perfect. Those who want to race without falling off : race on Zwift!

  5. I think the handlebar needs an update. Something to enable riding holding the hoods while resting upper body on the forearms down aka lots of energy saved…

  6. Speaking of pro anybody remember outer cabling levers? I personally prefer them more than the innner cable levers, the shifting is much more smooth, sure it might be a couple of grams heavier than the newer ones but hey shifting felt better for me. What about you guys?

  7. Most of the time my hands are on the hoods, with palms in the bar tape, not in the rubber of the levers / shifters.

  8. Thank you for pushing out entertaining videos in spite of everything that's going on. It would have been easy to say "sorry folks, we're shut down too" and close up shop for a month. I, like many others here look forward to seeing a new video here. Thank you for continuing to deliver.

  9. Just the feeling of being clipped in, but not having control of the bars b/c I'm resting my forearms on the bars is terrifying.

  10. What size frame is that and how tall are you?

    I'm kjnda obsessive about fit and frame sizing.


  11. I used to road bike but in the last 15 years I have been exclusively mountain biking and just bought a new road bike to get back into it. I was really surprised how light and twitchy the handling is comparatively the first time I got out on the road bike. Especially on the tops. It took a few minutes to get used to it.

  12. I tune out for a couple of months, and when I look back they got new presenters and Pinarellos. 🙂

  13. Looks like you don't heed your own advice. Thumb and finger together on the top bar…not! (@ 45 seconds)

  14. Nice one Conor! I'm a hoods and drops man.. Really good advice and timely reminders about safety.. not copying the pros.. too much! I used to get over the front wheel on a decent until I nearly carped it at over 80kmh.. I hit a wet patch.. hilarious outtake too mate! 😂😂👊🏻

  15. Isn't it ironic to teach people not to do one handlebar position then immediately cutting to a pro doing it on a video teaching how to do it like pros?

  16. There is a strange dichotomy in trying to market pro-level road bikes (that are limited due to out-dated rules of cycling racing), like GCN does, but then telling riders & potential buyers to ignore the riding positions of the pros who are forced to work within the confines of archaic frame and handlebar rules.

  17. So my 10 year old son is riding in a road race cycling club and doing competition. He started when he was 8. The trainers allow them only one position and that is riding in the drops. Every other position is forbidden. Its the position with the most control and close to the brakes.


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