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Hey Safarians, In today’s video I TESTED some TIK TOK ADOPT ME HACKS! These Adopt Me Legendary Pets Hacks are suppose to help you get Legendary Pets In Adopt Me QUICKLY!!! Let’s see IF THEY ACTUALLY WORK!!


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How to Hatch A LEGENDARY PET OFTEN HACKS!!! (100% Working)!?? | SunsetSafari

Author by: Sunset Safari



  1. Finally someone showed us that there’s fake I <3 your videos soo much you inspire me soo much and be confident your videos are awesome your ideas are creative and your always yourself ❤️😍

  2. I did the cross finger to get a unicorn in the royale egg and it worked!!! And I also have a kangroo

  3. I bought a cracked egg and I named it "Unicorn." and I got a frickin buffalo I wasn't happy At. All.😡😡🤬🤬

  4. You have to buy the egg name it vuy a new egg name it take out the first egg and reset and take out theoter pet and reset and then jist hatch them oneby one

  5. The second one works but you forgot about a period at the end I got a turtle from doing that one!

  6. Sunset, I’d love if you looked at some hacks for anything on royal high! I know you like never play it but it’d still be cool. <3


  8. the hack I just said works for every egg: name the egg the common pet of which common pet is in there.

  9. I called my aussie egg happy and I got a kangaroo but when I tried it again it didnt work but maybe it might work for u

  10. I got an hack for u
    so like if u use an aussie egg name it bandicoot and u might get an legendary or ultra rare :> bayeeeee

  11. You shouldn’t just jump in trains bc it’s kinda annoying to the person with the train, I know this bc I have a train and it’s really annoying :/

  12. Try this hack u will get it i promise and if u dont it means u dint belive much soo the hack is to believe u will get a legandary or like the name like an owl it always works on me just belive it will work and it will work

  13. I kinda have a back because today I was taking care of a Aussie egg and when it was at camp I put turtle as the name but didn’t submit it until the egg was just about to hatch and I got a turtle! Idk if it’s luck or it works

  14. I think someone might have been pretending to be u I saw someone in adopt me doing it x but there user is VERY similar to urs x


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