How to Get Through This Crisis: In exceptional circumstances, we need a philosophy that can help us hold on to our sanity and sense of perspective. Here is The School of Life’s suggestions for how to survive the crisis emotionally.
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“– ACCEPT: We are a miraculous, unlikely fragile species in a mysteriously oxygenated corner of the universe. We have never been and never will be complete masters of our circumstances, we remain invariably at the mercy of awesome uncontrollable forces to which we should submit with a measure of grace. –

CONCEDE: Our impotence before events, the powerlessness of our mighty brains, the humbling inflicted on us by nature, our vulnerability to the absurdities of microbial life…”


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How to Get Through This Crisis

Author by: The School of Life



  1. Things will only get worse from here, folks. The only escape is Jesus Christ the Son of God. Receive him as your Lord and Savior today! Time is short.

  2. How exactly is this going to get us out of this crisis? Clickbait much? Should be labeled "how to cope emotionally with this crisis." Love and hugs are not going to stop the spread of the virus nor pay a person's rent you clown!

  3. Well ok don’t go using 9/11 footage and say “we are victims but not targets” because those people were definitely both.

  4. India is using an antimalarial formula AYUSH 64 from ayur veda and china is using a TCM antimalarial ARTEMISIN made from artemisia annua a relativeof wormwood herb used by anscestors against parasites i suggest combining it with also a natural antiviral like astragalus [ huang qi ] or thieves oil or licorice root
    china has also tested highdose intravenous vitamin C in a shanghai hospitals the MD PHD speaks about it on yotube dr frederik Klenner's protocol JAMA 1949 promote dby vitamin c foundation these things needs much money for gold standard research

  5. You lost me at 1:11 'NO PERSECUTION
    None of it was done with us in mind.
    We have not been singled out.
    We may be victims.
    We were never targets '

    China targeted all the strong economies in N. America & Europe by deliberately spreading #ChineseVirus so it is the last one standing.
    Coz ChiNazi's ambition is to be #1 by ruining the world economy.
    Disappointed in de Botton! Hope he's not ignoring the obvious to protect Chinese translations of his books, book tours and panels there and in Hong Kong. 🤔

  6. Very good video. Lots to think and reflect on. However, I find it funny that we can't do a majority of the things the video shows us. (Not the concepts but being with other people, going to the gym, working together, hugging, etc.)

  7. I can hear your voice into my head whenever I contemplate existence.. I also sort of start to see people and their behaviour in the same cartoonic style used in your videos.. I'm literally addicted to this channel..

    Thank you Alain de Botton. 🖤

  8. Good advice for keeping your sanity, but it’s inaccurate to say that nothing could have been done to avoid this level of catastrophe. In my country, the United States, the government has and will likely continue to botch the response to this. Those mistakes, if not corrected, could cause the healthcare system to be stretched beyond its capacity and cost millions of lives. It’s not like China or Italy who were caught off guard, and whose mistakes we can learn from. Our president is a sociopath and the sycophants surrounding him are gunking the wheels just enough to cost us precious time. The Fox News propaganda machine is trying to convince people that it’s okay to sacrifice a lives to “save the economy”. We might not be seen as targets, but we are seen as disposable.

    Not to say that this isn’t good advice in the face of something truly outside of anyone’s control. But when the (lack of) response to it causes unnecessary extra deaths that could have been avoided, as a result of human will, it’s a different story.

  9. Alain, Your words inspire me and make me feel less alone in the unfathomable cosmos. Thank you.

  10. First time I'm disagreeing with part of a video uploaded by The School of Life, to be exact with "Concede" and "Let go" parts. Lately I've been talking to some scientists, microbiologists, etc. This situation is a source of frustration for them, the fact that in 2020 such a simple thing can disrupt our lives and cause misery…BUT! At the same time, it's a big motivation for them – like a spark that finally lights the fire of decisive changes in regulations, procedures, priorities. They are using this frustration to work towards a future, where such situations are much less likely to repeat and their consequences are less drastic – as has been the case with most of the frustratons and human advances. I'm sure we need to Accept some degree of weakness and imperfection (no scientist will ever speak in absolutes) – but to 'concede to it' sounds so…wasteful?

  11. This video is so obviously made under influence of the current coronavirus mess and aimed at addressing the negative feelings that measurements of preventing the spreading of pandemic produces

  12. “We have never been and never will be complete masters of our circumstances” Year 2100: Elon Musk is immortal and terraforming mars

  13. human kind and the stories we tell. the stories we choose to believe. then we die. corona walks around in her high heel shoes and red lipstick strutting her stuff. then with a smile she caresses the guns knives and bombs humans have built to destroy themselves. humankind is no match for the invisible.


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