How to Get More Wins in Warzone Battle Royale!: Today I share a bunch of tips and walk you through exactly how to get wins more effectively within Warzone Battle Royale! Keep in mind, most of this is designed for helping people that struggle to get wins and it’s not a guide for players looking for high kill games. How many wins do you have so far in Warzone?

How to Drop into Warzone More Effectively!



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How to Get More Wins in Warzone Battle Royale!

Author by: TheXclusiveAce



  1. I love your guides. They confirm what I am doing wrong, doing right and what I need to improve on. Love all the tips.

  2. Nine "GET BETTER AT WARZONE!!!" videos in a row and literally none of this is at all helpful except for the weapon recommendations.

    Ace, stop this cringe clickbait shit and make some actual content.

  3. Am I the only one who dosent like the look of guns without a stock? I feel it makes it look too small. Plus you lose a lot of gun control.

  4. Got my first win today. Was in solos. Got two kills, one in the gulag, and the second kill was the last person in the final circle lol.

  5. I think i have like 5 wins out of about 20 or so matches of trios. i think thats decent. im not that great, my mechanics and gunplay are average at best. maybe im just lucky

  6. Or just hide or camp inside circle with loadout or better guns. May won't win but survive longer n more xp

  7. i get like 10 plus kills a game but my teammates are garbage. they all die and i have to squad wipe every single time. then they get pissed at me for not buying them back

  8. I mostly play Plunder. It's a habit of mine to play the mode that allows you to respawn in battle royales. I'm trash at battle royale. But these tips may help.

  9. Congrats on 600 K subs Ace! 👍🏽 Glad to see your channel gaining traction. You deserve 1 mil plus success with the outstanding content that you provide. Thank you and keep up the great work 👊🏽

  10. How to win more. CAMP CENTER CIRCLE. Use ghost perk to avoid being detected by UAV’s and use heart beat sensor. But when all is said and done, you are still gonna get destroyed by pc players if you play on console and all the clowns using aim hacks are gonna beat you 90% of the time


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