How to Get Every GOLDEN PET for FREE in Adopt Me! NEW Adopt Me Golden Pets Update (Roblox): Today in Roblox Adopt Me I manage to get every one of the new golden pets for free! Find out how you can get your own golden unicorn, golden dragon, or golden griffin in the new Adopt Me update for free.

How to Get Every GOLDEN PET for FREE in Adopt Me! NEW Adopt Me Golden Pets Update (Roblox)

Author by: Jeremy



  1. 2020 is bad
    Jeremy is the best
    Username : goldenpeach4000
    Pet: pls can I have golden egg or golden uni

  2. Hi you are the best and i realy want a golden pet because they atr so cool 😎 and i wuold love to get one and also for my frend to se

  3. "Jeremy is DA BEST"
    "Megan is Also DA BEST"
    "Don't trip army and peachy squad4life"
    Dream: Golden Unicorn
    Username: Mshannajohn
    Yt: HännäŚtäŕ
    Tiktok: hannajohnson351

  4. I love you Jeruhmi pls cen i get a golden dragon or a dimont dragon pls i love you and your vids tysm my username is:sapalove2009 im gona frand you

  5. I realy want a gold pet if u would giv me won I'll take care of it with my LIFE/ User:lunabellawolfy_j

  6. I want so much the golden pet pls I watch al you videos and I subscribed to your channel I won’t I soo much

    Username: Naoufal_12345

  7. I've been following your user in roblox for a long time since you made a new account my user is wolfyleader684 and when you said you look like a mess you dont look like a mess! 🙂

  8. "2020 is amazing"
    "Jeremy better"
    Username:G_rtd091 i make a fan art for u before and i make u 2 fan arts
    May i have a golden egg pls?

  9. Hi jeremy i sub for u a long time and i really want that golden uni so my username is NotUnicornLifeReal so pls i really want that golden uni and i like ur video so much u have a really good content!!!!!

  10. “2020 is probably the worst”
    “Jeremy makes it better”
    “Don’t Trip Army is forever!”
    User: Ihascupquakelover556
    I’d want something ultra rare or legendary if im lucky!

  11. Please please please please can I have a neon giraffe or a neon bat dragon or a neon gold unicorn please please username otter000032

  12. hi Jeremy ever since the update came out my dream pet has been the golden unicorn so I might have a chance ¯_(ツ)_/¯
    Username: pinkpearl29

  13. Hi, I am a really big fan and I have been watching your videos for a long time and it would mean a lot if I could have a bat dragon. My username is bellaknowsbest6530

  14. hello Jeremy!
    I would be pleased to get a golden dragon or a golden unicorn!
    Also, if we could meet in game I would love to give you free stuff just so you could have the coolest inventory EVER!
    (Also I have never won a giveaway ever :p xd)
    Username: cameron0964

    Have a marvelous day!

  15. Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz can I have a gold or whatever way u say it my username is Donut0303

  16. “2020 is not the best!"

    "Jeruhmi will make it better!"

    "Don't trip army forever!"

    Request :Gold Unicorn🙏❤️

  17. “2020 is not the best!"
    "Jeruhmi will make it better!"
    "Don't trip army forever!"
    Request :Gold Unicorn🙏❤️
    Good luck everyone!
    please i've been a fan for a long time


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