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Babyliss Gold FX Clipper:
Babyliss Gold FX Trimmer:
Babyliss Gold Shaver:
Wahl Cordless Senior:
Andis Cordless T Outliner:
Oster Fast Feed:
Andis GTX:
Andis Slimline Pro Li:
Wahl Magic Clip:
Wahl Hero:
Wahl Senior:

Wahl Shaver:
Braun Series 9 Shaver:
Andis Pro Lithium Shaver:

Clipper Blades
Andis GTX Blade:
Ceramic Blade for Fast Feed:
Andis Slimline Po Li Blade:
Wahl Hero Blade:

Other Accessories
No Turn Magnetic Guard Holder:
Andis Double Magnetic Guards:

Film Equipment
Canon EOS R:
Canon 90D:
Canon 80D:
50mm Lens:
Sigma18-35mm Lens:
Ring Light:
Samson Wireless Mic:
Mac Book Pro:


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  1. If these barber youtubers were the avengers, they would be

    Chris Bossio – Cap America

    360jeezy – Iron Man

    Arod – Deadpool

    Sofie StayGold – Black Widow

  2. You didn't say anything. You didn't show products nor brushes. You only said to brush and what products to get later.

  3. Bro all the barber shops closed while I am wolfing big bullshit now I have to wait till april for them to open But I been wolf for 5 months

  4. Back in high school, about 15 years ago (God I feel old saying that), I use to brush an hour a day at night and my waves were probably the best they ever looked. Once I had kids, it all went down hill. Gotta put in more work!

  5. He can do it all. Ngl he underrated and I think it’s dumb. But I’ve been here for a far minute

  6. Is pomade mandotary

    Asking cause i only have curl products that are owned by sibling and I'm 11

  7. Brushing brushing I'm brushing sometimes my hair jumps back up when I'm brushing it don't want to stay down every time I'm brushing brushing I'm brushing it jumps back up

  8. Youngsters new to the channel don't get the subliminal message. Jezzy when from an apartment and drive a Charger.. to being a house owner and driving a Mercedes. From his hard work and dedication to cutting hair.

  9. Yo bro, you dont have to cut down on the "basically". Just do you fam. Video is clean. AND DONT FUCKING BLEACH YOUR HAIR.


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