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So, here on this channel, I don’t typically cover news-related content on current events…unless it has to do with the Stock Brokerage Drama between Charles Schwab and Robinhood…but, this topic today is a SIGNIFICANT and UNPRECEDENTED event, that’s happening RIGHT NOW…and it’s important enough to discuss, because this will MOST LIKELY DIRECTLY affect the majority of you watching my channel…so, you’ll want to listen closely…and not forget to smash the like button for the YouTube algorithm…because you might soon be getting a FREE $1200 from the government…and this is why.

The $2 trillion dollar package in place today is going to be broken down, as follows, pending final sign-off:

First, about $250 Billion Dollars is expected to go directly into the pockets of individuals and families. Each eligible adult will receive up to $1200 from the government, and the amount would go up by $500 for every eligible child in the household. Married couples can receive $2400 up to an annual income of $150,000, as well.

This package also includes a MASSIVE expansion of unemployment insurance, which increase the maximum unemployment benefit by $600 per week, to ensure that laid-off workers, on average, will receive full pay for FOUR MONTHS. This could be EXTREMELY valuable, especially considering that GIG WORKERS are now be eligible to take advantage of this benefit – something that’s never been done before.

In addition, the plan also calls for a MASSIVE Cash Infusion for the Health Industry of $130 Billion Dollars.

States and Localities are also set to receive another $150 Billion Dollars to set up further infrastructure to help get them through.

A LARGE chunk of this money goes back into businesses….one, is that this package reportedly includes a $367 Billion dollar Fund for the small business loan program.

There have also been talks that, while many of these loans WILL have to be repaid, there will be interest free options, and companies with 500 or fewer employees could tap up to $10 million dollars each in forgivable small business loans to keep the paychecks flowing to their employees…MEANING, if companies oblige by the terms of the loan for a set period of time…they don’t have to pay them back.

Next, is a $500 BILLION DOLLAR Loan for larger businesses who were hit hard, like the Airline Industry. Now, part of the stipulation with this is that – if these larger companies take the bailout money – they will be PREVENTED from using any money to buy back their own stocks for the first year, or use it towards executive bonuses. This loan will also be heavily scrutinized and monitored to make sure it’s being put to appropriate use, as well.

And, as far as the impact goes to our entire economy…obviously, so far, the stock market likes it, and it’ll only be a matter of time to see how this plays out long term. It would make sense that, perhaps we start to see further inflation, as more money gets pumped into our economy. BUT, I also feel like – once this blows over, things could begin returning to normal relatively quickly.

This is also just a REALLY good reminder to always save your money, even when times are good, and even when you don’t think you need it. Sometimes, things like this happen – and, it’s up to us to do our best to prepare for them when, and if they happen. Keep that 6 month safety fund, save your money, and smash the like button for the YouTube algorithm.

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HOW TO GET $1200 FOR FREE! | The $2 Trillion Dollar Bailout

Author by: Graham Stephan



  1. A pause button is the smartest thing ever said. Kyle Kulinski has been saying this for a bit too. The economy needs to hit pause.

  2. I was avoiding watching this because I was afraid you would make me feel bad for wanting the $1200 but I was pleasantly surprised. I was already scheduled for vacay this week and return to work on Sunday. I could have taken more time off but my job is relatively safe from the virus. I work in retail and everything is now curbside pickup. I also have mixed feelings about the bailout and would have loved a 60 day pause. My plan for the money is pay down my truck payment which I want paid off in 6 months or less. Thanks for being the voice of reason during these trying times.

  3. HOW LONG 2000 usd LAST? what I would do instead… give mortgage against peoples own houses for 30 years and the equity built in their houses for a much long lasting relief and a lot of money pump into economy for long term.

  4. This debt will never be paid back. It’s just kicking the can down the road again and that road will eventually lead to the Grand Canyon of financial catastrophe.

  5. The pause button is where it's at! Don't know what these govt guys are thinking…Giving most of the money to big business, and hoping things are going to be back to normal in a couple of weeks is the REAL delusion. All business, and payments on everything paused for 60 days is the way 👌

  6. I bet I can find 50 of his videos with the same stupid shocked look on his face… 🤦‍♂️ dude is a tool

  7. Please keep us updated on the situation for college students/recent grads that were claimed as dependents if they will qualify. I haven’t been able to find anyone else talk about this other than children have to be under 17 (for the $500).

  8. I launched my small business 3 weeks before the first covid case in the states. Needless to say, I had horrible timing and am paying the price. My 1200 will go right to that😂😂😂

  9. Thanks for the vid Graham, much appreciated! Im however making a killing due to all this craziness. I work in a grocery and have been getting over time $$, the store has been buying us lunch and the CEO sent out an email that we will all be receiving bonuses in the form of a store gift card (probably for a few hundred dollars) where will get free groceries.

  10. Do you know anything about tax implications of the $1200 check? Will the government send us the 1099, deduct taxes, or is this the net payout?

  11. Airlines are not "too big to fail". If they go bankrupt, the planes don't just disappear. Sell the assets to other companies that know how to manage them more efficiently.

  12. 2 thumbs up for the 60 day pause button… been saying that since this whole thing started before it even hit U.S.!!! Greed is the only reason that button isn't in existence. Thanks for the content, dream on brother!

  13. Dude you are insanely good at simplifying things. You definitely have a talent for explaining these things. This gives me a much better understanding of bailouts.

  14. $250 – individuals
    $??? – unemployment
    $130 – health care
    $150 – states/localities
    $367 – small businesses
    $500 – large businesses
    $1397 TOTAL

    Does this mean $603 billion will go towards unemployment?
    Something doesn't quite add up.. What's not included on this list?

  15. Yeah but in California that doesn’t even cover rent for one month. We’re on a two month lockdown. It’s such BS

  16. 6 months of food & supplies along with 6 months finance for all other needs. Then you wouldn't have to even think about the 60 day quarantine.

  17. I agree with suspending credit for 2 months! It would be easier on everyone. The only question I would have is how would you get reimbursed if your a landlord who owns his on property?

  18. I started working in 2018 but didn’t make enough so I had to do taxes in 19 let me remind you I can barely afford rent and food to put in my belly and car bills I am fucked if I don’t get help if my job lays me off

  19. I’m going to make my parents give me $250 and say they are already making bank off of me then I’m going to buy vbucks on fortnite- I’m kidding


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